This is Kodak's IM5 Android Smartphone

Kodak uncovered its first Android cell phone at CES 2015, as publicized, however the final result is barely show taking. 

Named the Im5,the 5-inch telephone was manufactured by Bullitt, the organization behind the rough Caterpillar line. It runs Android Kitkat, however Candy is headed, and its different specs are pretty average. There's an octa-center 1.7 processor thus so stockpiling, however it is expandable up to 32gb because of microsd. 

Indeed the cam, which you may hope to be the telephone's best gimmick, is a not-unfathomable 13mp. The front is additionally normal with 5mp. 

The Im5 does incorporate some cam prepared programming, for example, a picture administration programming that lets clients alter, show, impart and print their photographs, devices open through a solitary catch click. 

The uplifting news with the Im5 is that there is a whole other world to come, so maybe this is a venturing stone for more imperative Kodak portable items not far off. It's additionally genuinely moderate at $249 (about £164, Au$308). Search for it universally with introductory accessibility in Europe toward the end of the first quarter

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