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Called it "a smartphone with four wheels" "Toyota's" turning cars to touch screens

English: Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Moto...English: Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation, at the annual results conference in Tokyo, May 17, 2011. Picture by Bertel Schmitt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seems that the Japanese company "Toyota," I decided to take advantage of people's love for cars and smart phones, so she integrate the two together in a new concept launched by the title of "smart phone on four wheels" or "a Smartphone on four Wheels", which revealed a giant car in the world unveiled Unique for her future, under the name "Toyota Fun Vii" characterized by the specifications and features unrivaled. Featuring a car that all the surfaces of internal and external covered with screen touch screen, and allows the owner the possibility of using the car the whole exhibition space and extensive broadcast visual content of images, video, information, data and update applications on the surfaces of internal and external, and change the exterior design of the car color and paint by applying a special thus, allowing drivers to display graphics magically bright external display technology to fit with the vision and the mood of the owner of the car. With the navigation system developed in this car the driver can find friends motorists around and interact with them and their fun, which can be considered a vehicle Internet interactive, next to its ability to detect road hazards and avoid accidents and monitoring of vehicles in blind spots through alerts so. It is exciting features surprising characteristic of the car it also allocates a message of greetings at the door of the car lights to offer tribute to the owner at the touch of the door. In addition to access to many of the functions of the car remotely by smart phone or any portable device, whether PC or tablet device. Did not disclose the company for many details regarding the technical specifications and technology of the car, but its dimensions (length 4020 mm - 13 ft), (View 1745 mm - 5.6 ft), and (height 1415 mm - 4.6 ft.), with a wheelbase 2750 mm, and consists of three seats , two front and one seat behind me. Said the CEO Akio Toyoda: "The vision of Toyota promises the future, where the linking and integration of people and cars and the community together," and will make Toyota more details about the concept car the future under the banner of "driving pleasure" during the Fair Tokyo International Auto Show in 2011, which will start its activities in from 3 December / December until the next day 11 of the same month, an exhibition held every two years in the Japanese capital "Tokyo", which this year revolves around the importance of the concept of movement in our lives and how to change the world through him.
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