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Within the framework of its rival's "Facebook" "Google Plus" feature do the "Find My Face"

Announced "Google" for a new property incorporated within the social network "Google Plus", known as "Find My Face" allows users to identify the faces of people pointing to the inside images that are uploaded to the social network using face recognition technology automatically without search manually , and can activate and activate this feature by users of the network "Google Plus" by enrolling in "Opt-in" taking permission from the user and to maintain privacy, and accommodate a maximum of 10 images. He said one of the company's engineers Matt Steiner in his blog: "When you run the property, the network of Google Plus asking people you know and who are within the circle of your contact tag or mark on your face when you see the pictures for you," and added: "As you can control this property through the acceptance or rejection, as well as the possibility to turn on or turn off this feature from the settings of Google Plus. " This property is concerned with persons who believe that the user has to do with them, including people within the property services network, Google Plus also includes those who are involved with the user through the service "Gmail". For example, when deciding a user registration "Opt-in" special feature "Find my Face", find a friend or know of this person who has to do with him through departments or any contact with the last image the user's next announcement: "Is this user ? " If so, Valsidik has the option of marking of the picture, next to the ability to accept or reject this property or delete them completely from Google Plus settings. Is this add a new episode of the rings competition between Google and her main rival in the market of social networking the most popular "Facebook", where the latter activating the feature "automatic recognition of faces" since December 2010 and made available to users of the United States, and activated users outside the U.S. in June 2011, But "Facebook" has no opt-in feature settings, or taking a statement from the user. Google is planning to activate this new feature during the next few days.
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