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In light of competing with the "Amazon" "Google" to launch the service for shopping and delivery of purchases on the same day

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBaseIn light of competing with the "Amazon" Company is considering the "Google" provide a service to help consumers shopping online and the delivery of purchases on the same day, in the hope of overcoming the company "Amazon" that attract users. The company is in talks with major retailers and shipping companies, including "Misaz" and "Gap" and "Office Max" to create the service. And may consider Google's popularity to the service concerned, "Prime" provided by "Amazon", which offers free shipping service within two days compared to 79 per year in the United States, fearing that the lure Internet users away from their sites. The CEO of Channel Advisor for e-commerce and Scott survive: "About 40 percent of Google's revenue comes from retail sources," according to the agency "Reuters" quoted by the newspaper "The Wall Street Journal," the American said on Saturday. He survives and the Amazon Prime service has achieved great success in the past few years, which began to threaten such a large part of Google's revenues.
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