Smartwatch For 2016 LG is Preparing A WebOS

LG has been advancing a huge number of new items at CES 2015 in the not so distant future, but on the other hand its opened up a bit about its plans for the future - and those arrangements incorporate a smartwatch fueled by Webos as opposed to Android Wear, if a report in the Divider Road Diary is to be accepted. 

It appears to be as if officials at the South Korean firm need to wrestle some force back from Google, in spite of the fact that there's no sign that it will quit making Android Wear gadgets like the G Watch R. 

"We're going to gradually attempt to construct a biological system around territories we can have more control over," an anonymous LG source told the WSJ. At last that may incorporate cell phones also, the first home for webos - truth be told, a smartwatch needs a cell phone to adjust with. 

Time flies 

Set your old moronic looks for right on time 2016 on the off chance that you need to examine what LG has in store, however the news isn't precisely a colossal astonishment - we suspected this was in the pipeline as long back as October. 

For the uninitiated, the smooth, card-based webos initially ran on Palm cell phones. It was grabbed by HP when Palm collapsed and after that sold on to LG - it can presently be seen driving a ton of LG's keen TV sets. 

LG wouldn't be the stand out supporting its wagers the extent that Oses go, as Samsung has smartwatches, Tvs and cell phones in the casing emphasizing its own Tizen programming, and a huge number of Android-based contraptions.

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