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Will be available in the next six months "Google" is planning to launch a tablet device of its own

Chief executive of Google, Eric Schmidt, the company's determination to launch your own neighborhood, and confirmed that he will be put in within the next six months, equipped with the best standards and the highest quality. And promotes "Google" for Tablet devices based only on the operating system "Android", according to its partnership with the manufacturers of smart phones and tablet PCs, did not it time that produces a giant like Google Ouhaa device to own. According to expectations, the Tablet Google the next may be equipped with the latest version of the operating system "Android 4.0", known by code name "Ice Cream Sandwich", next to the integrated service "Majel" Assistant Voice Profile of Google and rival service "Siri" of Babylon. Schmidt did not say what will be the tablet-style smartphone "Samsung Nieksas" or not, but for now called "Nieksas Tabelit," according to expectations. With planning, Apple issued a copy of the "iPad" small-sized screen measuring 7.85 inch in the fall of next year, according to the promises of the late Jobs and his statements in October 2010 the structure of the launch of his company to a Tablet PC screen length of 7 inches, along the lines of the success of the company "Amazon" with apparatus Tablet "Kindle Fire," which achieved sales of the company's unparalleled one million copies a week for three weeks in a row, the next year will see intense competition in the market for tablet devices between major companies
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