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Chinese companies innovate overhead projector for the contents of the smart phones

To overcome the problem of small size Although there are many of the smart phone market, at a resolution high accuracy and high quality for the most part, but the screens are still small in size is enough to watch videos or play games, and taking the direction of some major companies to make smart phones less in size, they reduced the size of the screen. Hence the company "QP Optoelectronics" Chinese solution optimization, of a device called "Lightpad", which is a hybrid between a large screen size measured 11 inches and a projector small "pico" "Pico Projector" at a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels and the painting keys together. The company plans to a second generation of this device at a resolution high-quality up to 1280 x 720 pixels. By connecting your smartphone with this device through the port-specific "MHL", or socket-specific "HMDI", the user gets on the large screen display size of the content of his smart, and through the management of the projector and drop towards the wall allows the creation screen as much as 60 inches to view the content of the smartphone. And thus allows the user to watch videos or playing video games freely. It is noteworthy that the company specialized in innovative technology that focuses on the techniques of the new offer, which take from the city of "Suzhou" Chinese-based, will be its new product in "Consumer Electronics" - "CES 2012" next, a global event held annually in January / January Conference Center City "Las Vegas" of America, and competent to provide the latest technologies and innovations in consumer technology.
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