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Announced the "Microsoft" of the software officially the new social network launched under the name "So-cl".

And start Microsoft through this social network opened its doors to students and scholars in universities and researchers only, and not to companies or professionals, which will be limited initially to 3 U.S. universities is "University of Washington," and the University, "Syracuse" and "University of New York", later will be available to other universities, rivaling the approach followed by "Facebook" in the beginning when it was limited only in the beginning to the universities of Harvard and then expanded to include other universities, but at the same time is not a substitute for the sites of social most famous such as "Facebook" and "Twitter" and "Google" . The network is "So-cl" research project affiliated to the Laboratory Microsoft Research "FuSE-Lab" is designed specifically for mixing between the social network and search and browse the Internet, and aims to motivate students and researchers to use social media in academia and enhance their educational experience and the search for useful information for their studies quickly and post all searches with others through Microsoft's search engine "ping". It also allows users to find members with similar interests and compilation of content about a particular topic of pictures, video and stories from a variety of sources and build a special page to this subject and sharing content with other users interested in the same subject and interact with them. And are laboratories Microsoft Research currently too many social projects, including "Kodu" lets teach children how to programming and creativity on the "Xbox" and "PC" as well as draft "Montage" allows the creation of albums visible on the Internet on a particular topic, and also "Docs" gives user discover and create and share files with friends and colleagues, work and study through the site "Facebook." Registration will be in this network through the user account in "Facebook", it will show the name and image of the user site "Facebook" on the "So-cl", but as is will not show any content on the latter "Facebook."
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