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Price of 259 euros, and supports several languages Pocketbook A10 combines Tablet and Reader e-books

This period is a turning point is very important, or coalescence of the paper book and the Renaissance paper, here is the Frankfurt book fairs have become attached devices to read e-books, where are these books compete with paper counterpart strongly, but there are chances confirm the disappearance of relatively recent.
The evidence for the presence of several e-books all the local and global markets. The machine, which we are doing now and although it presented in the Exhibition "IFA" did not come to the attention of many of the center of many of the exhibits, but it has several advantages make it ready to compete with all of the "Kindle Fire" and "iPad" in the markets, it is a hybrid Tablet combines electronic book reader, a "Pocketbook A10", submitted by the company "Pocketbook International" specializes in portable reading devices.
The device features several functions, it supports the formats, the following text (PDF ADOBE DRM, EPUB ADOBE DRM, EPUB, PDF, FB2, TXT, DJVU, RTF, HTML, DOC Word 2003, DOCX Word 2007) in addition to coordinating images and graphics (TIFF, PNG BMP, JPEG), and three video formats (AVI, MKV, MP4), and two forms of music formats (MP3, WAV). The device "Kindle" it supports all these formats.الجهاز مصمم لمنافسة "كيندل فاير" و"آي باد"
Moreover it is equipped with about 1000 pre-book in English, German, and 44 dictionary in several languages, had used any word to find the unknown quickly without leaving the device. Furthermore, it is your feature convert the text to the voice of "Text-to-Speech", and convert audio to text, allowing the person reading the book in five languages, in addition to 27 other languages ​​are available for download from the website of the company global. And the device already installed a full web browser and follow-up emails, and a large number of Web services such as Android, to download games and applications. As for the battery shall continue to work with up to 6 hours when you download and watch videos or surf the Internet, and listening to music, while remaining for 10 hours in case of read-only. And the battery of the type "lithium - polymer", and has a 6000 mAh effort in time (3.7 volts). The device has a structure outside of a unique design and attractive, Valugeh background appear to be inspired by the shape of an airplane wing, which is made of plastic with a white mixed with black with a touch of paint smooth and shine to sleek, like rubber, not plastic, it is less prone to scratches, as well as easily carried in the hand. The device is designed so that the buttons are comfortable to use, either horizontally or vertically. The technical specifications of the device that a display screen to touch a large color-type "TFT" measured 10 inches and the degree and clarity of 1024x768 pixels and supports 262K colors, to enjoy the colors, images, video, clearly, and with an "OMAP 3621" Company "Texas Instruments" quickly one GHz , and the RAM capacity of 512 MB, 4 GB flash memory, and the supplier port "Micro USB", and troubleshooting 3.5 mm headset jack. Further support for the technology "WLAN", Bluetooth, and a slot for a SIM card to connect to the preparation of the third generation 3G, card slot, "SD" supports memory cards up to 32 Gigabat. And running "Android 2.3.4", and has a camera front the 2 megapixel camera, support video calls and conferences, and a microphone and built-in system instead of GPS, "GPS", sensor equilibrium to change the screen orientation automatically according to the position of the device. The device weighs 670 grams and measurements (207x244x15) mm. The company plans to launch new product in the market early next November 259 euros.
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