How to Remove Farmville Notifications, Updates, Posts on Facebook Wall

FarmVille (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hide Farmville from Facebook News Feed Pages
Stop Farmville Updates from Facebook Wall
Remove Farmville Posts from Facebook Wall
Remove Farmville email notifications from Facebook
Delete Farmville Farm App: Remove Farmville Account Forever
Many people want to stop, delete and remove Farmville notifications, emails, updates, posts on their Facebook wall and news feed. I have so many friends playing Farmville that my Facebook wall, Facebook news pages are all full of Farmville updates.
Your friends are addicted Farmville fans and will not stop playing Farmville just because you don’t want their Facebook updates from messing your Facebook wall. Farmville is one of the most popular Facebook games, and don’t expect anyone to stop Zynga or ban Farmville, so Farmville updates are not going to stop soon, as you gave permission to Farmville for these updates remember!
After Facebook login, first go to, the click the News Feed view on the left.

Facebook has a Hide button on the top right hand side of Farmville updates

Most people I know fear to click Hide, because they feel it will stop all Facebook updates from their Facebook friend. Don’t worry, nothing happens. So here is what happens when you click the Hide button.

Just Click “Hide Farmville” and all Farmville updates in your news feed will go away instantly from all your hundreds of Facebook Farmville friends.
*Just incase some day you want to restore Facebook in your news feed, there is an “Edit Options” link on the bottom right; click it and you can add Farmville application which you have hidden from your news feed.
You will notice Farmville still keeps publishing your Facebook friends Farmville updates, posts, news and stories to your Facebook Wall. So to stop Farmville from publishing updates and flooding your Facebook wall, got to top right on Account > Application Settings

Locate Farmville in the listed Applications and click “Edit Settings”. An alert box pops up which allows you to Edit Farmville settings. Go to “Additional Permissions” and uncheck the box titled “Publish recent activity (one line stories) to my Wall”

Now you are still left with hundreds of Farmville updates, links and posts on your Facebook Wall. Delete Facebook posts manually one by one. Look out for the “Remove” link on the right hand corner of each Facebook story.

Click Remove, confirm the deletion on the alert box, and the Famville notification is gone from your Facebook Wall.

Isn’t it surprising just by agreeing to play Farmville, how difficult it is to let go and delete Farmville and stop all the Farmville spam in your inbox. Your Friends just won’t stop playing Farmville. Now you need to stop Farmville notifications – Go to Account > Account Settings > Notifications > Other Applications > Farmville

Uncheck the email box. Save Changes. And now your Farmville notifications will stop.
Go to top right Account > Application Settings > Farmville

Click the cross at the end and a pop up box alerts you that you are deleting Farmville app forever.

Click Remove Farmville farm from Facebook, and you will no longer show up as your friend Farmville neighbours and will stop Farmville from overwhelming Facebook. Delete Farmville account and get the peace you wanted.