Windows Phone's Cortana Can Now Help You Gamble And Make Choices

Cortana is a really helpful little partner for the individuals who decide to exploit her abilities in Windows Telephone 8. 

However now the virtual individual collaborator can help you settle on extreme decisions notwithstanding setting calls and helping you to remember critical commemorations. 

A redesign to Cortana on Microsoft's side has conceded the AI the capacity to flip a coin or move a bite the dust with a straightforward summon ("move the shakers," "flip a coin"), two arbitrary demonstrations that can be perpetually helpful. 


Actually, perhaps not unendingly helpful - yet its decent to see Microsoft including little peculiarities that bail tissue out Cortana's identity. 

Techradar judged that Cortana stole the show in the most recent Windows Telephone redesigns, however strangely she was absent from Microsoft's late Windows 10 advertisement. 

In all actuality, that wasn't the most interesting thing about that declaration, however regardless we're wanting to see her get included in the following Microsoft OS before it dispatches one year from now.

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