BlackBerry lends Samsung a hand with Android security, launches BBM Meetings

Blackberry was before the sole head of the venture telephone space, so its pleasant to see the Canadian organization isn't excessively intense about its go wrong to assist a cordial adversary. 

At a gathering in San Francisco today Blackberry reported its going to be utilizing its security mastery to give Samsung a help in the endeavor market. 

Blackberry will help Samsung make more secure Android gadgets, BB President John Chen said amid a presentation, by adding its own particular Bes12 encryption to gadgets utilizing Samsung's Knox programming. 

The organization will prove to be fruitful in ahead of schedule 2015, Chen guaranteed. 

BBM Gatherings 

At the same gathering Blackberry likewise presented BBM Gatherings, a rendition of its Blackberry Dispatcher administration went for conferencing for big business clients. 

BBM Gatherings backings cross-stage feature and voice meetings and also content visits, screen-imparting and presentations, and its perfect with Blackberry 10, Android, Macintosh OS X and Windows Pcs. 

BBM Gatherings costs organizations $12.50 (about £8, Au$14) a month every host after a 30-day free trial, however it will on the other hand be accessible in December as a major aspect of an endeavor package that likewise incorporates BBM Ensured and propelled specialized backing for marginally less every month.

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