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New Tech Could Protect Your Phone From Death by Toilet Bowl

No more rice to the rescue for these gadgets. We’ve seen a tablet that can be immersed in water and one kind of tech that can protect smartphones from a watery grave, too. Here’s another: HZO, which was demoed at this year’s CES.

This technology creates a barrier that repels water, protecting gadgets’ insides. One report indicates that HZO could soon be coming to smartphones and headphones.

Check out the video above to learn more and see it in action. Do you want waterproof gadgets?

Sony Experia SmartWatch

There are many gadgets that are being introduced at the 2012 International CES in Las Vegas. Some are more of the same devices, only given some added features and new designs. But there are also other devices that are worth checking out because of their unique features. One of them is the new Sony Experia SmartWatch.

The Sony Experia SmartWatch forms as a part of the Sony Experia line of portable devices, notably the Experia smartphone. the Sony Experia SmartWatch can be considered as a complement to the smartphone in that it sort of becomes the phone’s extension. The SmartWatch can be connected via Bluetooth to the Sony Experia smartphone. It can also work with smartphones running on Android 2.1. It can store around 255 widgets which can be used to interact with the Android device.

This unique wristwatch can be used to read and send emails, make and answer calls, send SMS, check Facebook and most other functions that some users won’t bother taking out their smartphones for. The Sony Experia SmartWatch comes with a touchscreen OLED display and consumes low power that it can go for around a week in between charges. The Sony Experia SmartWatch has no launch date set yet. But the people at Sony has pegged its expected retail price to be around US$149.

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