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Dear Apple: Why Are You So Afraid Of Google, Android, And Samsung Group?

Apple won its court battle against Samsung Group, but it may have just lost the war against Android. Samsung may have it correct when they say that this $1.05 Billion court decision is a sad day for them, but also for the consumer.
I believe it is a sad day for you, too, Apple. You are taking a path of litigation that has proved to earn revenue for companies out of sync with the market, but that comes at a high cost. Yes it protects your assets and IP. I understand that. But the true cost is it will turn you into a bully.
UPDATED on Page 2 Resource list – Great post from Henry Blodget at Business Insider.
I know that’s going to upset a lot of people. So let me clearly say that I really love what Apple does and has done. I had an early Mac. My best friend worked on the Lisa, back in the day. I’ve seen and liked a lot of Apple stuff. I have iOS devices and adore their elegance and the plethora of apps available. I plan to keep using them. But I believe you are missing the forest for the trees, the universe for the consumers. The universe revolves around many other things besides a phone or tablet and sometimes do not directly involve a consumer at all.
Instead of out-innovating everyone else, as you always have, you have signaled to the world that you may be out of truly fresh ideas. Sure the iPhone5 and iPhone 6 (or whatever the next one is called) and Mini iPad will usher in some new consumers and fans, but competitors won’t continue to make Samsung’s mistakes. In some ways, you may have heralded a new era of innovation, sans Apple. Take a look at other companies that spend most of their time in lawsuits and patent battles. They are dinosaurs, in modern decay.
Sure, you have amazing patents in the mobile world as well as in many other things like home automation. But spending much of your energy in legal defense mode leaves you less energy and enthusiasm for innovation. Stop it, Apple. Go back to the days when you built things that people could tinker with. Go back to extreme innovation and just move faster than Samsung.
You’ve made it so that all or many of your potential collaborators and strategic partners had to choose Android. Amazon Kindle runs on a version of Android. Barnes and Noble’s Nook, too. And hundreds of phones, tablets, and other devices like alpine ski goggles and NASA satellites. But you already know this.
I know it is silly of me to think that you will listen, Apple. All of your fans are going to fill the comment stream calling me stupid and worse. That’s okay. I hope they email you my post and their comments, too. You could shift gears and find a way to open up. There’s room for both iOS and Android. You’ve been doing pretty well financially up to now, right?
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