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Apple and the development of three-dimensional interface for the new generation of "iPhone"

SINGAPORE - OCTOBER 06:  An Apple Ipad 2 showi...Image by Getty Images via @daylife Moving the "Apple" is now the Office of "U.S. Patent," the United States of America to obtain new patent which is a graphical user interface, three-dimensional, it is expected incorporated into the next generation of phone "iPhone" to allow the user to deal with the phone and switch between applications interface not by touching the screen, but by the movement of the user. This interface consists of hardware and system acceleration sensors and gyro to learn about the movement and gestures of the user, where the spin with the rotation of the phone to determine the movements and displayed on the interface. Does not consider the user interface is a new three-dimensional, this interface has existed for a desktop computer. For example, for the desktop "Windows" There are additional programs such as "Real Desktop" and "Bump top" turning the user's computer desktop to desktop real three-dimensional, and make the desktop icons move as if they are real. But the company "Google" bought the company's existing program to develop the "Bump Top" and bearing the same name since early last year, and since then has not been the further development of this program, but the site has been closed permanently at the time. As for the document, the patent for the company "Apple and bearing the number" 20120007850 "They have sought the company's request for the document in the month of July of last year was not published this request by the Office of Patents in the United States is only now, specifically last Thursday. Not necessarily translate all patents for Babylon and its application and integration within the company-specific products, there are many patents did not turn to the hardware or final products. On the other hand, there are expectations that the next generation of the device your tablet of Babylon "iPad 3" will outweigh the benefits and specifications of the current model stages. According to the news agency news, "Bloomberg," the upcoming Apple tablet will be equipped with a quad-core processor, high-speed, high-resolution display and clarity, as well as compatibility with the next generation of wireless communication standards "LTE". It predicts that the market is put in March. Digital Education The other hand, intends to "Apple" into the field of education, to try to attract a new generation of customers, I have sent invitations to journalists to attend a press conference on this matter, which will be held on next Wednesday approved January 19 at the Museum "Solomon R. Guggenheim-Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum "state" New York "American. And the company wrote in its invitation to the media "joined us to announce a large educational project sponsored by Apple," so there is evidence of implicit precedent suggests Apple's plan in this area. " For example, said the book, which tells the biography of the late "Steve Jobs" the founder of Apple Inc. of the writer, "and Walter Isaacson," the intention of Steve for the invasion of market textbooks, digital, there are preliminary talks conducted by Steve with the authors wrote expressed their consent to enter into a partnership with Apple aims to deployment of new versions of their books and integrate the company's Tablet PC "iPad." The newspaper noted, "New York Times" quoting sources close to the company, that Apple intends to move forward with the invasion of digital educational sector, but without offering any new devices especially in this regard. keep up with the newest technologies and contemplate about how these will be used in the future. On this blog I'll share my thoughts about the future of technology, based on the high Tech Road Show Blog inventions of today.
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