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"Samsung" excel for the first time on the "Apple" share exceeded 24% in the mobile market

Nokia Partners with Microsoft to enter the challenge Seems that the successive blows by Apple for Samsung did not fail to rise and the last win in the third quarter of the year, outperforming the company in the period between the month of July and September / September of this year as the largest supplier of smart phones during this period. The reason is that, according to the research and studies, to watch people from your Apple iPhone S 4, where provided Samsnoj market of approximately 27.8 million smartphone within three months, offset by 17.1 million a device from Apple, while occupied Nokia ranked third for 16.8 million mobile phones, has Samsung's profit grew for the third quarter of this year by 23%. In earlier pulled the Nokia occupies the top ranking share 27.3% of the market for smart devices, has been followed by Samsung with 22.6%, and LG at 5.4% and the company ZTE share of 4.7% driving Apple and time to rank fifth share of 4.4% of the total market smartphones . And remember that the figures had been shipped 117 million smart phone in the third quarter of 2011 which is equivalent to an increase in the number at 44% from the same period of last year. While Nokia's share of which was 33% in 2010 is now 14%, which means a decrease by 52% of market share. What does it mean all these numbers for each of these companies? A copy of the report, which shows the share of companies from the global market for smart phones A copy of the report, which shows the share of companies from the global market for smart phones Appeared Samsung on the map smartphones as a strong competitor thanks to a series Galaxy, which includes several phones, Tablet PCs, helped to shape the future of Samsung, which has been frequently harassed by Apple because of lawsuits filed against Samsung and prevent the organs of the sale in some European countries, what reason delay the launch apparatus Galexa repents and described as the Korean version of the iPad. But the support you get from the Samsung Google Android system and the fans of this system to support the company's position to move forward to provide all that is new to stand in front crawl Apple to control the global market for phones. Samsung and the ability to create devices with high quality and competitive price makes it difficult to overthrow, in addition to its ability to create attractive designs, which we know from the Samsung screens and televisions offered to the market in a modern way. And remain Apple more companies stable in steps - in the era of Steve Jobs - who left to his successor, Tim Cook and the company's line of walking when the company firmly, Coalitions that occur in the world of technology between large companies suggest that the resilience of companies that are not based alliances for long periods. Failure of BlackBerry While the company receives "T j M" and Tutea Black "BlackBerry" strikes one after the other, the apparatus fails Tablet BlackBerry in achieving the ambitions of the company, and the result lay off some workers of the manufacturer. And after the interruption of services for successive periods and the reason is due to the penetration of its network operations, which was known in the past Balamna and fortified. Failure of BlackBerry in the presence of other operating systems will cost the company much, although there are leaks or rumors emerged earlier that there is an attempt to enter the Android Market application of BlackBerry Messenger, but nothing definite until this moment. On the other hand, Microsoft began to door in various ways, after it had been a mere spectator on the smart phone market. Fmlaqh computer programs, I took the topic in a different, after the submission of several products have not been successful in the smartphone market, start from your Palm device and the end of Alkyotak, which did not succeed dazzling. Seemed to Microsoft for a moment that they sing in the space of another, where she focused on the side of video games, James head start the Xbox 360 and that proved to the world the strength and extent of immunity and effectiveness of its network on the Internet, in addition to benefiting from the experience of games networks collective office equipment and the transfer of experience successfully on the X Xbox. Then buy the company for Skype in the month of May / May, $ 8.5 billion, and the announcement of CEO Satf Polmart the company's intention Integrating Skype with the service Microsoft cam MSN and Hotmail and Live a more consistent and smooth and then merged with the network of Xbox Live. What is the income of this information market of smartphones and Nokia? I have offered a Microsoft operating system Windows Phone 7 earlier in the last year, and who thought for a moment that will compete with other operating systems as this system is working on several different devices from several companies Ksamsonj and LG and HTC, and others, unlike the system Android, which was required at the time specifications on devices that you can run the system, Google it. Nokia and Microsoft alliance And, when Nokia is losing the competition, I took Microsoft's looking for an opportunity, and the result alliance the two companies together, though that Nokia had cooperated with Intel to develop a system Mego, which yielded a single, a 9 in Nokia, which is the best produced by the company to the now abandoned like Symbian operating system that no longer meets all the needs of the market. Starting next year, will try to Microsoft to create market share by taking advantage of the position of Nokia in the world of smart phones; Only thus the alliance will be Microsoft found on Nokia devices, which sell for next year, led a series of Umia which is believed to head Nokia Stefan Aalobs that it will be the first product of cooperation between the two companies Is the new device will be able to withstand Galexa Samsung and Apple's iPhone. Microsoft may support this device all you have to enter the market, especially after the announcement of its new operating system Windows 8, which has the same system interface smart phone. What he seeks companies Kgugl and Microsoft is strengthening its position as a provider of technologies can be in the market before them to Apple. Will the plan succeed Maekerosvet linking all its services with each of the desktop operating system with the phone and the network for game systems and communications over the Internet from entering the competition, which has always been a dream of obtaining a share of it? Or will Google buy of Motorola Labs for information technology acquisition and other services to enable them to address and prevent Grimha in the search engines from entering the market? What will you do the widow of Steve Jobs, in the face of all these challenges? The days or the next year will carry a lot of surprises in the world of technology and communications.
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