Best Android applications 2014 NO.5

The best free and paid-for Android apps

43. greader Expert 

£3.19 ($4.69, $au5.95) 
greader Expert 

A more conventional technique for scouring site RSS channels, greader effectively overhauls the oversimplified style of Google's Peruser, contend with a custom design for perusing on tablets, logged off perusing, signal activities, a gadget and significantly more. It's appropriately stick stuffed with approaches to gaze at perpetually redesigning arrangements of words

44. CrossDJ

£3.29 ($4.99, $au5.80)

Portrays itself as an "expert" DJ application for individuals who appreciate nodding along and pumping their clench hands circulating everywhere while another person's record plays. Cross DJ accompanies master peculiarities, for example, BPM following, pitch moving and a part sound yield for reviewing tracks before they're blended in, with channel impacts in here too for adding some more oomph to whatever gathering you're demolishing with your garbage music.

45. Evernote

Evernote - note taking opened up

Best Android applications 

 Evernote is the first and the best note-taking application. It permits you spare thoughts for that book you are dependably about going to compose, adjusts crosswise over gadgets and you can likewise make schedules, record voice updates and catch photographs straight from the application. It's a consistent approach to compose your likely exceptionally chaotic life.

46. Reddit Match up Ace

£1.69 ($2.00, $au3.00)

Reddit Synchronize Expert 

That web webpage you may have found out about, the particular case that does great things, fascinating things and terrible things, doesn't have an authority application. In any case it has piles of informal ones, including Reddit Adjust Professional that has the executioner capacity to synchronize strings for logged off access. Never miss a big name pandering to the masses to advance a film or book again.

47. Facebook Emissary


Furthermore all of a sudden we are all utilizing Facebook courier

It really torments us to put this application into our main 50 in any case, on account of Facebook's somewhat mean tricks, it is an unquestionable requirement have application. That is, in the sense you have to have it to utilize Facebook Detachment on your telephone. Yes its irritating, yes there are bunches of panic stories about what the application can read on your gadget (overlook those) and yes its skeptical but since of Facebook's prominence this will stay in the main 10 of downloaded applications for quite a while to come.

48. Snapchat


Snapchat isn't pretty much mischievous pictures. Legit!

Snapchat is the current dear of the online networking world, permitting clients to send pictures that will in the end vanish and leave no follow. This part of the application has implied that it has been given a somewhat porny moniker yet there is considerably more to the application and this is the reason it is at present greater than Twitter as far as clients.

49. Pushbullet



In the event that you invest a considerable measure of time at a machine and would prefer not to scrape your telephone out every time it vibrates then Pushbullet could be the application for you. Download it to your telephone and get the expansion for your program and any warnings that show up on your handset will likewise show up on your machine screen.

So will your schedule updates pop up as well as have the capacity to see who's messaging or calling and choose whether its value answering before you ever take a gander at your telephone. You can even answer to messages from your machine and you can without much of a stretch quiet warnings from applications which you're not intrigued by seeing.

However Pushbullet is a two way road, in light of the fact that you can likewise utilize it to effortlessly send documents and connections from your machine to your telephone. Simply tap the symbol in your program, join the important document or data and push it.

50. Sketchbook Express


Sketchbook Express 

The greater your telephone the more you'll escape from this, yet Sketchbook Express is a precious apparatus for voyaging craftsmen and doodlers. An essential set of instruments including 15 preset brushes, various layers and a shade wheel guarantee that you can undoubtedly catch what's before you or in your mind.

It won't supplant Sketchbook Expert, yet its basic, simple to learn and has quite recently enough peculiarities to be really valuable when a telephone is all you need to han

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