Top 8 iOS 8 Features That You Should Know

Apple is going to release new iOS 8 soon which is going to be apple’s biggest update in recent years. There are plenty of cool iOS 8 features coming this september for iPhone and iPad users going to love. So we are going to tell eight key iOS 8 features.

Here are the 8 key Apple iOS 8 features:


Apple has been pushing health connected apps in future, that square measure one the related to Nike’s Fuel Band company. With the Health app, apple taking it a step any for its future. As we have a tendency to all know, Health take US along from completely different health apps associated with apples apps into one place, making a comprehensive profile for the user. It additionally lets the users send health info to doctors at elect hospitals.

Home Kit:

The best from apple in iOS 8 features is its home kit that is in a position to remotely management your home device that square measure connect together with your mobile with Bluetooth or wireless local area network. Home Kit may be a step toward changing your apple smartphone into a foreign management device to control connected devices in your home.

New tricks for Siri:

The iPhone’s known voice assistant, Siri learn many new things in IOS eight. currently it will work additional higher together with your voice and action.
And you’ll modification your song with the assistance of the newest technology of Shazam app I apple iphones.

 ‘Do Not Disturb’ in Messages:

This is an easy very little feature, it’s alittle modification in it however take additional eyes thereon the
‘Do Not Disturb’ in Messages that assist you in cash place. In Messages, “Do Not Disturb” you\’ll mute your conversion threads at the time on=f meeting. So, if your buddies square measure nailing down that disturb you whereas you’re at work, you\’ll build them hush.


Google is best with prognosticative text in there smartphones however Apple giving it a lift with QuickType. The keyboard feature in IOS eight can build causation messages quickly by estimate that what you’re reaching to write before you end it, lease you faucet and locomote to following word. This feature in your Phones is already featured. however Apple secure that QuickType is that the new feature which can learn your language and writing habits, as well as however you text with several completely different message threads.

Interactive Notifications:

With this one, Apple catches a brand new notification feature that is already employed by humanoid house owners. Interactive Notifications is assist you to manage your notification from notification center to direct the app.

 Family Sharing:

A new feature for iTunes gamma hydroxybutyrate vi mambers will share there apps and songs purchases across completely different devices of apple. suggests that no got to grap one things 2 time in an exceedingly same home.
The catch is you’ll ought to use a similar mastercard for all those purchases. It’s Apple’s approach of preventing too liberal interpretations of the word “family.”
This iOS 8 feature additionally can let relatives additional simply share calendars, photos, reminders and also the like.

 iCloud ikon Library:

Apple can currently provide additional storage for all of your photos and videos within the cloud with access to them from any device.
The iCloud ikon Library additionally can embody a “smart” writing feature that lets users slide their finger to regulate multiple effects at a similar time. as an example, the app can permit you to tweak light-weight, distinction and color on photos, with each adjustment mechanically updated across all of your devices.
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