10 Best Mobile Phones In The World Today

Purchasing GUIDE The best cell phones 2014: what telephone is best for you?

We've all got no less than one cellular telephone each one, privilege? We've likely got around three or four these days, and that tallies giving your old Nokia 3310 to your Mum a couple of years prior. 

At the same time now the world has changed, and from Apple to Samsung to HTC to a group of best in class names, picking your next most noteworthy cell phone is a dubious undertaking. 

This is the place we make it simple: we altogether test many top cell phones and have discovered the ten best you can use your cash on. It needs to be great, when its all said and done, provided for it will live in your pocket for the following two years. 

Our positioning of the best cellular telephones accessible in the UK today praises the brightness of the cell phone, the usefulness they bring to our lives, and also taking a gander at the expense - importance a low-value handset doesn't generally need to have high-spec capacities to be in our main 10. 

We just peculiarity the most recent handsets accessible as well (unless a more seasoned model has gotten to be hyper-modest and still offers tolerable usefulness) as the fresher models will stay adjusted with programming overhauls for more, protecting you from having a broken telephone with no trust of redesigns in a year's chance. 

We're profound into 2014 now, and with the iphone 6 and Apple iphone 6 Or more here to test the heads of state in the cell phone world - specifically the Sony Xperia Z3 the LG G3 and the HTC One M8 - we've got a genuine regal thunder at the top, taking a gander at the best available and including such obscure jewels as the Oneplus One. 

On the off chance that that still doesn't help, well, there's forever our broad cellular telephone surveys pages too - or look at our by and by made cell phone purchaser's aide: 

When you've chosen which new telephone to purchase (and looked at the best cell telephone bargain), why not trade in for money your old one with our telephone reusing value correlation administration? 

Here are our rankings for the best cell telephones around, presently accessible in the UK. 

Oneplus One 

10. Oneplus One 

You've presumably never known about Oneplus... at the same time in the event that you have, you'll know why this obscure brand is all of a sudden sitting in our rundown of best cell phones on the planet. 

The reason is basic: its a telephone that has all the force, specs and usefulness of the big cheeses, includes super-customisable programming and does it at almost a large portion of the cost. We're talking splashy reserve funds on expense (£229 for the 16gb variant and £269 for the 64gb variation) without much in the method for bargain. 

Indeed, the main things its truly absent are a microsd opening and removable battery, and those are components more for the perfectionists than completely essential. 

In case we're generally super fastidious, its not got the best cam set up and the outline is a bit... productive, however at this value point it truly doesn't make a difference. What's more given the intended interest group is those that think about crude control over style, it bodes well that this is the place the expenses could be spared. 

Snappy decision 

We adore the way that another contender can keep up such a high place in the positioning of the best telephones on the planet - it implies that its not simply an instance of 'enormous plan means best telephone'. 

We were debating whether the Oneplus One could even have gone higher, yet there's one major issue that you'll have on the off chance that you need to get your involved one: they're difficult to discover. Numbers won't increase for some time, and likely never to the level of accessibility of the better-known names. 

However in the event that you need a telephone that offers incomparable force at a truly minimal effort: the Oneplus One is it. It's what the Nexus extent used to be, and if Google discard that program, then fortunately Oneplus has indicated there will be brands to get up the slack.

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