The Best Waterproof Phones

Xperia Z2

Many people are going for waterproof rings because they have the ability of withstanding water & dust. While there's lots of types of waterproof devices, not all of them are lovely in their working. In the event you are wondering which are the best devices to go for, here are a quantity of them:

The IP number also means that the device is protected against dust & has the ability of warding off dust particles & even if any of the particles get in, they cannot interfere with the proper working of the device.

This phone has a rating of IPx5 & IPx8. According to Sony, the reason why the phone has ratings is because it complies with the waterproofing standards. The IPx5 rating means that the device has the ability of resisting water fired from a nozzle from all angles for 15 minutes.

The standard IPx8 means that the device has the ability of working normally even after being left in water "continuously" at a depth of lower than meter.

Samsung galaxy S5 Active & Sport

These rings are also great in stopping water from getting in to them. The S5 Active is characterized by plastic bumpers on the corners that make definite that the device can resist heavy drops of water. The S5 sport on the other hand is rubberized to prevent water & dust from getting in to them.

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Both devices have huge buttons that make them simple to operate. According to Samsung, the rings meet military standards which means that they can handle extremes of altitude, temperature, & humidity.

Kyocera rings

Kyocera has produced plenty of rings such as Kyocera Hydro elite, Kyocera Hydro Xtrmh, & Kyocera Hydro life.


These devices have IP ratings of IPx5 & IPx7. The ratings mean that the devices have the ability of handling rain & water jets for long periods of time. The devices are also safe to dunk in over three feet of water for up to 30 minutes.


It is said to have an IP rating of IPx3. This means that the device is protected against spraying water, but only at a set pressure & definite angles. This means that if the angles & pressures are exceeded, the device will start absorbing water & its functioning will be interfered with.

These are a quantity of the best waterproof rings that you ought to think about purchasing. While the rings are waterproof, you ought to not handle them carelessly; you ought to handle them with care so that they can last for a long time.

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