Best Android Applications 2014 NO.3

21. Airbnb
An elegant B&b postings administration composed particularly around portable application utilize, the offering purpose of Airbnb is that it customizes the has, so on the off chance that you truly need to stay in Glasgow with a chipper looking option way of life man called Dave wheezing in the following room, its perfect.

22. Dashclock Gadget
Dashclock Gadget is a stonking expansion to any Android telephone running form 4.2 of Google's code or higher, as it adds new dynamic plugins to the lock screen. This implies your lock screen can have a light catch, the climate, unread instant messages and that's only the tip of the iceberg, in addition to there's an improvement group out there building new additional peculiarities constantly.

23. Instagram

One of those administrations you should begin utilizing in light of the fact that everybody's utilizing it. The Instagram Android application took a while to show up, however is presently live, looking great and offers a basic method for taking and altering your square photos of lunch, dusks, felines and so forth. Besides it now has chic impact tilt shift for making things look little. Not that that is perpetually something we've needed. A remarkable inverse, typically.

Best Android applications
Encourage, Twitter and Endomodo Expert

24. Encourage
Amazon's Encourage application unites flawlessly with its online book shop administrations, letting record holders send books to the application, sync existing libraries by means of the cloud, and access books over the numerous Android telephones and tablets individuals have kicking about the spot nowadays. Obviously there's likewise a shop in it, as lashing you books is the reason Amazon is putting forth this complete cloud peruser for nothing.

25. Tinder
Tinder is a… how would we put this? It's a dating application, to put it pleasantly, one that uses your Facebook record (or a swiftly made auxiliary one) and area subtle elements to create a rundown of different clients of the application that are likewise exhausted, most likely plastered, and adjacent. You then get a rundown of others to swipe through, featuring any you like the look of. It's not a profound procedure. Should any of them star you back, you're ready to begin visiting and… possibly more. So they say, at any rate. I've never utilized it.

26. Endomodo Professional
£1.99 ($4.99, $au3.68)
The mainstream sports tracker covers each game you can consider separated from twisting, figuring out how to track your runs, rides, kayaking adventures, slope strolls and different journeys without any difficulty. The paid Endomodo Star opens more details and a helpful landscape diagram, giving you a chance to perceive how steep the hard parts were – and giving a valuable reason to poor execution.

27. Swiftkey Console

£2.99 ($3.99, $au5.53)


This one spearheaded the idea of the option console, with Swiftkey the first to offer to "take in" your composition style and endeavor to anticipate your next word. The trust being that, with practice, it'll realize what phrases you generally utilize and may spare you a considerable amount of object in writing a straightforward message to a companion.

28. Google Cam


Google Cam - better than your stock Android cam

Google's Nexus line of telephones have generally been tenacious by the unimaginably dreadful stock cam applications that ship with Android, yet that is presently changed - a bit - with this. Google Cam is a standalone cam application that is accessible for clients of all Android models, offering a basic interface, foundation smear impacts and… not all that much more. It really has less gimmicks than the more seasoned authority Android application, however its clean and quick, so the trust is it'll rapidly develop into the debut portable photograph device.

29. Swype Console

£2.42 ($3.99, $au4.48)


As opponent Swiftkey concocted the idea of word forecast, so Swype did likewise for motion information. The idea is basic - you compose "hi" by pressing the H, then swiping a line through E, L and O. Assuredly, on the off chance that you were precise enough, the product surmises this privilege and you've recently composed an expression simple style. A comparative framework has been received inside more current variants of Android, yet in the event that you have a more established telephone this gets you into the line-composing fun, as well.

30. Plex
£2.98 ($4.99, $au5.50)


The thought behind Plex is that it absorbs your current media accumulation and serves it up, through one standard interface, by means of the cloud. It's a bit of a battle to get going as you need a free record on Plex's servers to get to your stuff, however once its all up and running it offers streaming and transcoding of records, importance everything should play all around. Helps Chromecast as well, in the event that you've gotten tied up with Google's own media-overseeing dream.

31. Horizon


An one-trap uncommon, beyond any doubt – yet what a trap. Skyline standardizes the pivot of your telephone's cam yield, utilizing the implicit accelerometer of Android telephones to keep the skylines in your features stable regardless of how much the telephone moves.

This implies you can hold it sideways, or at a point, or while not by any stretch of the imagination giving careful consideration whatsoever, and receive usable, stable results in exchange.

It edits the first determination a bit, mind, so there's a few misfortune in clarity – yet its a hit frequently worth taking for smoother cuts. 

32. Apex Launcher Pro

£2.49 ($3.99, $AU4.50)

The thing a considerable measure of devotees love about Android is the capacity to change to another launcher. In layman's terms, this implies you can whack a whole new frontend on your telephone, supplanting the client interface with a completely custom skin. Summit Launcher's one of the most seasoned and most exceptionally considered, utilizing the default Android search as a base for various changes and augmentations. It's allowed to attempt, with the different Zenith Launcher Master key opening the full form.

33. Chromecast


The Chromecast sidekick application is fabulous

Chromecast, Google's sidekick for its physical dongle, is crucial in case you're a client of its HDMI media streamer, letting joined life living futurists shaft their telephone substance to their television utilizing only the air we inhale as a link. This app also solves the problem of how you manage Chromecast's options, as the little HDMI dongle obviously has no screen or buttons of its own. The wireless dream is even compatible with older devices stuck on version 2.3 of Google's OS, resurrecting any ancient low-spec tablets you may have stuck in the loft back in 2012.

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