Best Android Applications 2014 NO.2

UPDATED The best free and paid for Android apps

1. Feedly 


On the off chance that you felt a bit lost and detached from the News Borg when Google close down its Peruser RSS aggregator, Feedly will offer assistance. It's a more exciting and swishy-slidy method for getting information from RSS channels, with various methods for showing site pieces and exploring through your unread heap of conceivably fascinating things. 

BBC iplayer
 Set aside sooner or later for the BBC to step by step get BBC iplayer to full equality with the ios discharge, yet its pretty much there now for the greater part of well known Android models. A piecemeal approach to presenting disconnected from the net download help has irritated a few clients, however it remains a great method for utilizing your telephone as an advanced versatile telly for the room, the length of your broadband's dependent upon the errand. 

13. Whosampled 


In the event that you have to know who did the first of the twee music from that general store advert, then get Whosampled. 

It's the application adaptation of the music database site that lets you know who's stolen bass lines from whom throughout the years, and gives music partners a moment mass of trivia. 

It'll much offer to output your current music accumulation to pinpoint precisely where that addictive circle you can't get enough of initially showed up. Also you mistakenly thought Gary Barlow concocted himself. (Spoiler: it was presumably the Bumblebee Gees once more). 

14. Handcent SMS 


In the event that you wish to fury against Google's Joints requirement push and Facebook Delivery person, get Handcent SMS. It's a standout amongst the most famous option SMS applications, with the late 6.0 overhaul touching base with an all-new, on-message, late-2014-season, level visual depiction upgrade. It's generally been an appalling however solid workhorse for no-nonsense texters, now its a truly pretty workhorse for the individuals who go anyplace close hitting their 5,000-a-month SMS use limits. 

Best Android applications 

Carbon, Handcent SMS and Whatsapp 

15. Whatsapp 

Free (for the first year) 

The texting behemoth is a crucial Android introduce, particularly on the off chance that you can persuade the individuals you message most much of the time to utilize it as well. The idea is basic - it assumes control content informing on your portable, directing messages through any Wi-Fi association. Which implies no more SMS stipends, no size confinements, in addition to pictures are sent at a respectable determination. 

16. Nokia HERE 


One of Nokia's long-standing key applications is currently on Android, pretty much, with the Windows Telephone producer doing an arrangement to place its HERE mapping instrument only inside the Samsung Application Store. 

Clients of bigger Samsung mobiles running Android 4.1 or higher can download it, then appreciate a gimmick stuffed device with full logged off guide backing that is a damn fine adversary or trade for Google's ubiquitous Maps.
17. Amazon Appstore 

Amazon Appstore

It's a bit of a whine to get Amazon Appstore on your telephone as Google's not very enthusiastic about opponent application puts away up on Google Play, however its value doing. Predominantly for the freeloading angle, as Amazon sticks up a paid-for application free of charge consistently. Most are a bit garbage, however some legitimately conventional paid applications do infrequently pop up. Add it to your day by day trawl, in the event of some unforeseen issue. 

18. Google Keep 

Google Keep

 Google's so glad for its Google Keep, its cross-stage note-taking device that its as of late begun preloading it as a feature of the center Android list of capabilities. It accompanies an up-to-date gadget, coordinates voice transcription for those Alan Partridge snippets of innovative motivation, in addition to on the off chance that you utilize Continue a Chromebook it consistently adjusts with versatile notes spared there. An incredible method for arranging versatile and smart phone lives. 

19. Spotify 

Free (premium form needs a membership) 

No, hold up. it is free. Kind of. Spotify now accompanies a stipped-down playlist-cum-radio combo for clients who don't pay for the administration yet need to utilize it on portable, joined by a wash new tablet interface that has considerably all the more just the same as the free desktop program player. So yes, its free. stumbled a bit, yet free. 

20. Unclouded 


Unclouded - making cloud arrangements that bit more straightforward 

Unclouded is a straightforward and extremely sleek method for incorporating Google and Dropbox cloud administrations, bringing about one single application that gives you a chance to see what stuff you've got went down to each one administration. It makes it simple to haul out document copies and see breakdowns of the rates utilized up by every envelope. It's not momentous, however it is a pleasantly planned thing and a pleasure to use.
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