Best Android Applications 2014 NO.1

Redesigned The best free and paid for Android applications 

The Google Play application store has blasted as of late, with an expansion of applications that can pander to your each need. The issue is: there are simply an excess of them. 

Indeed with Supervisor's Picks, Emphasized and Top of the line, Top Paid and Top Free classes there to bail you out with your downloading choice its still a troublesome assignment discovering the best applications around. 

Furthermore that is the reason we made this rundown. Like you we need the best applications for our Android telephones. The applications that are going to reform usefulness or, at any rate, offer something so incredible that it turns into one of the must-have applications that must be downloaded at whatever point you get another handset. 

The accompanying applications will be continually redesigned and are a mixture of paid and free ones and have been picked by our Android masters. In this way, regardless of the fact that you do plunge into genuine money for one of these applications, you are sheltered in the information that it is a beneficial buy. 

1. BBC Climate 


BBC Climate 

Free from the BBC, which arrived late to the climate application party in 2013 and conveyed a totally stonking, triple-A meteorological experience. An assortment of classy gadgets, long-range figures, area mindful settings and backing for different areas make figuring out the extent to which its raining all over a delight. 

2. Google Now Launcher 


Selective to Nexus gadgets since dispatch, the Google Now Launcher has as of late been opened up to managers of any Android telephone running form 4.1 of the OS or higher. Introduce it and you get the odd experience that is having Google Now fill a whole Home screen, dumping a lasting gathering of you cards to the left of the current Home screen setup. Valuable on the off chance that you utilize Google Now. Less on the off chance that you don't. 

3. Letter box 


Here's an alternate approach to deal with your get-greater privates and sex-herb spam messages. Letter box is perfect with both Gmail and icloud email records, pulling in your messages to a fabulously snazzy interface from which you can oversee messages in a greater amount of a SMS-like visit framework. Swiping without end, resting senders, updates and more populate a stuffed gimmick list that put this among 2014's most amazing applications discharged so far. 

4. HTC Zoe 


HTC's cam application has a lot of intriguing traps inside it, and utilizing it on telephones with preferred cams over the ones HTC's been putting in its own particular mobiles as of late is an amazing thought. 

The offering purpose of Zoe is that it makes short enlivened cuts, which are shareable with companions – who then make alters as well. 

The results can then be imparted to the enormous interpersonal organizations like Instagram or Facebook, or kept inside Zoe's own particular walled enclosure. 

5. Glympse 


Relative newcomer Glympse improves the unending check within proper limits out area based application idea no end by accompanying one key trap – the capacity to impart your area to anybody. 

Utilizing GPS to precisely pinpoint the coffeehouse from which you're taking the Wi-Fi, the results are sent to companions in a configuration that shows in the web program of the beneficiary – so they needn't bother with the application to know where you are. 

You can even impart live information, so individuals can watch you fluttering about town from hotspot to hotspot. 

6. Twitter 


An alternate must-have for the individuals who need to stay up with the latest with what's going ahead on the planet in 140 characters or less. Since Twitter has put the shackles on the vast majority of its choices, the authority application is one of the best to use, with usefulness so basic anybody can utilize it - and seeing a percentage of the hashtags that pattern, it would appear that anybody does. 

7. Vine 


The motion picture making sensation took a short time to show up on Android, then took a while for the various bugs to vanish – yet now its all great. It's a straightforward recording/stop-movement/liveliness instrument, giving you a chance to shoot live feature on your telephone and offer it through informal communities. The application is additionally the most ideal method for scanning Vines from others, as the classifications and pages mean you can leaf through it like telly, favouriting clients. 

8. Dropbox 



About crucial for anybody juggling a work PC, home PC, portable computer, tablet, telephone and web cooler, Dropbox's key force lies in giving you a chance to get to any documents anyplace. It can likewise consequently transfer photographs tackled your telephone to your record, implying that, after a bit of transferring and downloading, all your shots are *right there* on your desktop without any dreary link joining. 

9. Speedtest 


Get furious about how abate your web is. Get self-satisfied about how quick your web is. Keep an eye on the system rates of your companions and neighbors. In the event that one of your continuous discussions with your mates is the manner by which quick your web right now is, then Speedtest is for you. You can do boundless broadband up/down rate tests on any exhausting weekday evening. 

10. ebay 


The application itself isn't what you'd call appealing, yet ebay gives you a chance to search, watch things and purchase stuff, coordinating a Paypal sign-in for fast getting of things. Better still, now Android telephones all have massive cams on them, its a doddle to offer things straight through the application - take a photograph, transfer it, have a large portion of the posting information prefilled for you. The application is preferable as an offering device over the desktop site, in fact.

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