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Motorola faces ban in Germany after the victory of Apple

Motorola facing the risk of withdrawing its computers from Germany bbc
Motorola Unit to Google faces risks forced to withdraw their tablet computers and smart phones that are running Android again from the German market, and after losing patent case against Apple. This issue is linked one of the innovations that relate to the issue of previous U.S. Samsung has lost to Apple. The dispute centered around "feature rubber recoil of the list" in the system or ABS, who discovered that Motorola had violated the patent. Apple officially demand that the prevention of sales before it actually begins. However, Google did not go out a statement regarding this matter, and it is expected that the demand to appeal the judgment. Circumvent the rule The verdict on Thursday in one of the courts of the city of Munich. The company Google has challenged the validity of the patent that describes how existing bounce back when the user access to an end, like it had collided with a rubber band. Also lifted search giant also stabbed to death last against intellectual property rights before the European Patent Office. Florian said Miller, Technical Advisor, which granted a technical consulting company recently concerning another lawsuit on Google, it might be easy for a company Google to reconsider its program to make sure that it no longer represents a threat to compromise any other patents. And show the basic version of the Android operating system, which was developed by Google, Inc., a glowing effect when the user reaches the system to the end of the list in the system. So, the company can reconsider a modified version is used on Motorola devices; so do not use rubber recoil feature to their machines. In contrast, Miller added that if Apple has issued bonds worth 25 million euros (32.6 million dollars, 20.1 million pounds), was able now to remove all such devices on the shelves of the sale. As if it were to have added another $ been able to destroy these devices or to compel the company returned. Motorola has forced Apple to stop selling some of its products from the iPad, iPhone in Germany in the month of February after a separate case. Concern of the founding partners However, the provision increases the victories Apple in a patent battle being waged, but Steve Wozniak, co-founder of the company, expressed dissatisfaction that the fall in the company of such legal disputes. In replying to a question raised by Bloomberg about the fact that a juror make Apple Wins $ 1.05 billion (684 million pounds) after the damage to Samsung Haktha, Wozniak said: "I hate it." He added: "I do not think that the decision of California will continue, I do not agree with him. Wish that everyone agrees on the exchange of all patents for their inventions, and to be able to figure out the best ways to take advantage of the technology offered by everyone." Despite the jury's verdict on the America last month, but the judge had identified two more hearings to consider the issues of prevention devices within the state, and certainly there is still a provision for the amount due. As Samsung said it plans to appeal. She suffered patents manufacturer's phone Galaxy another setback on Friday, when a judge issued a U.S. International Trade Commission in a separate case ruled that Apple did not violate four patents Galaxy. Among those techniques is an innovative way to dial the number on smart phones, and other ways to show digital documents. That provision was initially, which means that it can be reviewed later by the body is made up of six governors. Some analysts believe that Samsung can be resorted to exploit technology as soon as LG own for issuing an appeal. As a new iPhone 5 contains a chip can of entry operations on high-speed data transfer offered by networks Pte in technology as soon as LG. The percentage of prospects to take advantage of this matter after the comment left by one of the company's executives earlier this week. He said Jong - Keun, head of information technology and mobile phones at Samsung: "We have many ways in which we will face this matter, such as patents Pte."
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