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Samsung sue Apple because of her 'iPhone 5'

Said The Korea Times Korea, Samsung plans to sue Apple because her recent 'iPhone 5', because it infringes on patents related to technology fourth generation 4G LTE registered in favor of Samsung. 

The paper said that Samsung Electronics Co., decided to take immediate legal action against Apple, where she will persecuting in a number of European countries and in heitedtates as well. Samsung has started legal proceedings on Monday, before Apple unveiled iPhone 5 phone two days later, and when to make sure that the phone will be presented in support of the fourth-generation technology. Previous reports have said that Samsung owns 10% of the total patents registered on this technology in the world.
Apple had won last month filed a lawsuit against Samsung in the United States, which fined the company more than a billion dollars due to the violation of Samsung phones in the series «Galaxy» several patents belonging to Apple regarding its design. Apple had announced yesterday for a phone iPhone 5, which carries a 4 inch screen, and offers processor twice as fast as the previous generation, and the weight and thickness of less, and will begin pre-order the device starting from September 14.

Samsung Says They Will Sue Apple Once They Announce iPhone 5 With LTE
Samsung is still fuming that they got their trash handed to them in court last week. The legal beat down they received in court was just raw and powerful and awesome, and they totally deserved it.
Samsung is understandably mad, and probably a little embarrassed and majorly vindictive, so they went out this morning and declared that if Apple even thinks about releasing an iPhone 5 with LTE they will sue them immediately, and they may have the patents to win. Maybe.
LTE has been emerging as the new standard for high-speed mobile data connections, and it turns out that Samsung has quite a few patents for it. Thomson-Reuters says Samsung owns about 12.2% of all existing patents pertaining to LTE technology, while Nokia owns 18.9%, Qualcomm has 12.5%, and Ericsson has about 11.6%.
Even though Samsung may own a lot of LTE patents, it’s not the sheer number of patents, but the quality that will determine how strong a legal weapon they can be used as. So it’s likely that Samsung is just trying to talk some smack after getting roughed up on the playground.
The Korea Times reports that Samsung is trying to partner-up with U.S. mobile carriers to fight back against Apple. They’re currently in talks with Verizon about modifying designs on Samsung Galaxy devices, and they’re going to start making more Windows phones with Microsoft so they’re not so dependent on Android.

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