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Voice-activated and gestures kinetic "Apple" reveals about the future of New Tlevzionha

Voice-activated and gestures kinetic
Planning the "Apple" of America to enter into competition with the major companies in the field of television, interactive, here is now complete what he began CEO of the late Steve Jobs and what is stated in his autobiography, prepared by "Walter Isaacson" project "TV cable" interactive and user interface described Jobs simpler than imagined. According to a report by the newspaper "The Wall Street Journal," the U.S. in this regard, Apple held a meeting with companies interested in media briefing to discuss the vision of Apple's on TV that the process of production now, it intends to introduce a device bears the features and functions of the new interactive and relies on wireless transmission to enter content through technology Apple Air Play "Airplay" broadcast video, when you watch the video on television, for example, can stop this video and run it on each of the "iPhone" and any Bad "Thanks to this technique. It also supports TV signals and body movements and control the content of television through them, but "Microsoft", the largest competitor to Apple, I entered this field your games e "X Book 360 - Kinnict" provider of technology to track the movement and the ability to identify faces and sounds. In addition to this, will Apple connect the TV to the device Tablet "iPad" smartphone "iPhone" through the transfer of programs from the TV to mobile devices of Babylon, and this property is also not new it is already the company, "Samsung", narrated by Internet users can TV "Samsung" intelligent high-quality content exchange between Samsung and other digital devices compatible with the standards of "DLAN" smart phones and tablet PCs to a private company Samsung. It is also expected to support the new Apple TV service, "Siri" personal voice assistant for the phone "iPhone 4 S" and support for voice command and control of content through it. Apple is working and the integration of the recording device "DVR" cloud serve "any Cloud", to allow users to view programs registered or purchased on the various organs phones. Reports indicate that Apple plans to launch a new Tlvazha early in the middle of next year, while other reports suggested that he might be launched in late 2012, but has not been officially announced.
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