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"Air Clicker" a new concept in the world of digital photography

Asked the designer "Yeon Su Kim" a revolutionary new concept in the world of photography, is the creation of a digital camera without external structure at all, dubbed the "Air Clicker" meaning "air capture", was launched this idea on innovations " ". This is based on the idea to wear a camera and not pregnant, it consists of two main Musnootain of silicon flexible in the form of ring is wearing mini in two fingers, one in the thumb and contains a lens that enabled Bluetooth and the key on and off "ON / OFF", and the other placed in the index finger which is a sensor detects the movement and location of the finger whether in the case of flexion or in the upright position. Through the movement of the fingers can capture images or video. To activate the camera correctly, users should wear the camera properly and move the fingers in the appropriate direction, when you take pictures must bend or collapse the index finger is quite simple, such as the position when carrying the structure of the camera via the traditional, and in the case of video recording should change the movement of the hand as if the user holds a camera Video, in the case of processing the camera in standby mode, it should be the index finger and thumb apart and starboard at an angle. Is then transfer images and video and upload to your smartphone or tablet computer and synchronize through Bluetooth technology supplied with the camera, and thus can control the images in real time. It is noteworthy that this designer "Yoon Soo Kim," distinguished his creativity exotic and exciting, it has already designed a printer name of "Ink Remover Printer", which reflect our understanding about the printers, is well known that it is natural to use to print photos and documents, but this printer you remove ink from paper using laser technology. An innovative way to recycle paper and preserve the environment. So far, not yet clear, the possibility of the development and launch of this camera-free markets outside of the window or not, for the printer is still to this day under the concept has not been translated into practical application and product market Matrouh.
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