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So You Got an iPhone 4S? Here’s How to Accessorize

1. The iPhone Carabiner Clip

This kind of useful tool is worth its weight in gold. With a leather strap, the carabineer clip gives you quick access to your iPhone. You can hang it from a strap or bag making it ideal for iPhotographers or for quick-draw call answering.

Cost: $30

So, the Christmas elves made you an iPhone 4S? Lucky you. What’s particularly useful about owning an Apple phone is that manufacturers around the world are churning out tailor-made iPhone accessories. The variety can make choosing the right ones a little difficult. To help those with obsessions for all things iPhone, we’ve created a list of awesome accessories.

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iPhone 4S

Take a look through the image gallery. Let us know in the comments which ones you’d consider — and what else is top of your “must-have” list now that you have an iPhone 4S.

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