5 Color Case Alternatives to Waiting for a White iPhone 4

Today, Apple announced further delays to the white iPhone 4 release, dashing the dreams of would-be white iPhone 4 owners everywhere. Never fear, thanks to the power of silicon and plastic, you can add some color to your black iPhone and get some antennagate protection at the same time.
While some industrious modders have taken the DIY approach, we figure most individuals will feel much more comfortable putting a case on their new devices. While none of these solutions offer a full 100% white iPhone 4 effect, you can get pretty close. Check out the gallery below to preview our picks of slim-fitting iPhone 4 color cases.

SwitchEasy has a solution for the iPhone 4 owner who wants to add some color to their protective options. You have your choice of 9 different colors and the case covers the back, the sides and the home button of the iPhone 4. You even get a set of connector covers for the headphone jack and the dock connector.
The home button has been given a special "Jelly Bean" tactile feel that is supposed to make it more responsive than other covered case solutions.
Price: $14.99
For iPhone 4 owners that want a case that is as thin as possible, but still want some protection and a little bit of colored fair, check out the NUDE from SwitchEasy. Available in eight different colors, the case covers the sides and the back of the device.
Plus SwitchEasy provides two screen guards, a microfiber cloth and two sets of covers for the headphone jack and dock connector. I recently ordered a black NUDE case for my iPhone 4 and I love it.
Price: $19.99
The Belkin Grip Vue is a slim cover for your iPhone 4 that also offers protection. You can get it in clear, black pearl or royal purple. The material is flexible and durable and designed, as the name implies, to help you easily grip your device.
Price: $24.00
The Belkin Shield Eclipse is an interesting case because it's clear and hard on the top, but softer to the touch and durable at the bottom. That makes it easy to hold but also resistant to bumps and scratches.
Belkin offers the case in four colors, including blue, purple, black and white.
Price: $29.99
The Hard Candy Candy Slider is designed to offer protection for the sides and back of your device that is easy to slide on and slide off.
Available in five different colors, the soft-touch plastic adds a bit of color and some protection to your iPhone 4.
Price: $34.95

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