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If you have a photographer inside and want to show the world your photography skills than this best photo editing apps post is just for you. Nowadays all the smartphones have good cameras but the phones which are less in price have cameras which are quite less effective and the photos need some finishing touches.

This is true that phones like Nokia Lumia 1020, Sony Xperia Z2 or iPhone 5S have brilliant cameras but they still need a dashboard of cool photo editing apps 

where the finishing touches can be applied for betterment of the pictures taken by them and to make them look glorious. There are range of smartphones whoose camera quality vary from each other. But there are range of apps available which can make the pictures look better.

Best Photo Editing Apps Available For Your Smartphone

1. Snapseed:

Snapseed is a good photo editing apps which you need to use everyday for better photographs. This app automatically analyses your picture and make it perfect in terms of colors and exposure to look great. This is a great correction tool which works automatically. This app also adjusts white balance, saturation and contrast easily.
snapseed- Best Photo Editing Apps

You can crop the picture to the standard size or manually or adjust the image as per your preference with simple gestures. There are many other editing preferences you can use like- Black and white, drama, vintage films, grunge, tilt shift, details, frames, center focus and retrolux. This app is available for Andoid and iOS market.

2. Photoshop Touch For Phones:

You may be familiar with photoshop in the computers which is a vintage software for computers for editing photos. Now it is time to experience photoshop on the mobile phones with Photoshop Touch for mobile phones.
photoshop touch for phone- Best Photo Editing Apps

However you can not expect much as the computer version still it is good enough for mobile photo editing, here you can toggle with layers, photo filters, adjustments and few more cool features. Adobe photoshop allows to edit high resolution pictures on the go without any problem.This app is available both for andoid and iOS.

3. Pixlr Express:

Pixlr express another cool photo editing apps which allows you edit photos on the go. This photo editing app allows to crop, resize, rotate and also corrects your pictures via automatic image 
correction ability.

pixlr express-Best Photo Editing Apps

If you need a mobile app to edit photos on the mobile phone and also do not want to browse through tones of settings and want a simple interface that pixlr express is made for you. There are all the features of a good mobile picture editor like adding filters, stickers, modes, remove red eye, making your picture look like halftone, watercolor and pencil. There are many more cool options are available there in this app and you can download this app for android and iOS device.

4. VSCO Cam:

VSCO Cam is another best photo editing apps out there for android and iOS platform. You can browse through many photo filtering effects and advanced photo editing options and its photo editing interface include contrast, brightness, tint, crop,sharpness, saturation, shadows and many more which are good enough to edit your pictures like a professional.
vscocam- Best Photo Editing Apps

VSCO Cam is also available for both iOS and android.

5. Photo Editor by Aviary:

This is one of the popular and best photo editing app which is available in all 3 mobile platforms- iOS, Android and Windows mobile. This app is not powerful like other apps mentioned above but it is good enough to get the job done with lots of photo filters,effects, stickers, text and also crop, rotate, adjust color temperature, blur, brightness, contrast etc as your preference.

Aviary- Best Photo Editing Apps

As I mentioned before this app is available for all the 3 major mobile operating platforms (Android, iOS, Windows mobile).

So this is the list of best photo editing apps that you can choose and edit your pictures and make them look gorgeous like a professional. There are lots of other apps present in the Android, iOS or Windows Mobile market, so it is impossible to include them all in one post, so we will cover in upcoming posts so keep visiting this site. There are lots of other app lists are coming in other categories so keep up with the newest technologies and contemplate about how these will be used in the future. On this blog I'll share my thoughts about the future of technology, based on the high Tech RoadShow inventions of today.

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