Volvo Is Developing Self-Parking Cars


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We've been dreaming about self-driving cars for a while — but what what about self-parking cars?

Volvo Cars - Autonomous Parking Concept

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Volvo Car Group has developed an ingenious concept for autonomous parking. The concept car finds and parks in an open space by itself, without the driver inside. The smart, driverless car also interacts safely and smoothly with other cars and pedestrians in the parking lot, just as you'd expect a Volvo to behave. Valet parking, reimagined.

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According to a Volvo press release, the company's newest concept car will find a vacant space and park there — even without a driver. Its smart car can interact safely with other cars, pedestrians and curbs.

After the driver turns on the service using a mobile app, the vehicle uses sensors to find and navigate its way to a free parking space. When the driver gets back to his car, the process is reversed.

However, the service works only with parking spaces designed to be compatible with Vehicle 2 Infrastructure technology.

Car owners won't see this technology anytime soon. As Volvo Senior Safety Advisor Thomas Broberg explained on the Volvo blog, "technologies are still being developed. However, we will take the first steps towards our leadership aim by introducing the first features with autonomous steering in the all-new Volvo XC90, which will be revealed at the end of 2014."

Would you rather a self-driving car or a self-parking car? Let us know in the comments below.

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