Gorilla Glass May Be the Latest Mobile Tech to Arrive in Autos of the Future

The convergence of mobility and the auto industry is quickly accelerating, and the latest to make the crossover is none other thanGorilla Glass. The durable break-resistant and scratch-resistant glass that’s being used on over 1.5 billion devices worldwide may some day make it over to cars if Corning, the maker of this brand of strengthened glass, will have anything to do with it.
At the MIT Technology Review Mobile Summit in San Francisco, CaliforniaBGR reported that Corning SVP Jeffrey Evenson said that cars with Gorilla Glass will be be lighter, quieter, and more fuel efficient than cars that use standard glass.
As a result of being lighter, cars will be able to have better fuel economy, according to Evenson. It will also lower the vehicle’s center of mass, which should make the car a bit more safe and less prone to tipping over when turning. And the Gorilla Glass will also help insulate the cars from noise.
Corning isn’t talking specifics about its plan to crossover from the smartphone industry where it has made a name for itself and into the auto industry, but the company is expecting that at least one tier one auto-maker will be selling cars with Corning Gorilla Glass windows this year.
In addition to Corning’s glass technology, other crossovers from the mobile space include wireless mobile broadband connectivity like 3G and 4G modems, apps, and voice controlled technology like that offered through Apple’s Siri.

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