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BlackBerry Z10 Continuing To Find Success In Canada And The U.K.

BlackBerry Z10 phones are continuing to find success in Canada and the U.K. thanks to new users of the BlackBerry platform. BlackBerry’s Richard Piasentin, who oversees U.S. business, said more than half of the Canadian consumers who have bought the Z10 in the recent launch are new BlackBerry users.

This news of success from Canada comes as production has increased for the phone. The company is also finding success across the pond. U.K. consumers, also new to BlackBerry products, represent more than 33 percent of Z10 buyers.

Research In Motion Ltd launched its BlackBerry 10 platform last month with plans to initially introduce new handsets for the OS in 2013.  The touch screen Z10 already has been launched in U.K., Canada, France and Germany; this week it will be introduced in India and for interested U.S. consumers, the device is still expected to launch in the middle of March but a specific date has not been released.

Once carrying a line of popular phones among the corporate crowd, BlackBerry has hopes of renewing its previous market position as one of the smartphone brand; however, the company continues to face exceptional competitive pressure from Apple’s iPhone and a group of devices utilizing Google’s Android platform, especially from Samsung’s Galaxy offerings.

In addition, the company is battling with Microsoft’s Windows Phone line. This could see a following from the loyal enterprise group of its leading Windows operating system and diminish BlackBerry’s control of this group. 
And this also brings Nokia Corporation who is the key handset vendor creating Windows Phone devices.

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