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samsung-display Samsung to review the future of flexible screens in new video

We know that Samsung is the world leader in the field of research for the screens, it does not only manufacturing but also innovation and development, and all users of Android devices in general and Samsung in particular know what is AMOLED screens of all kinds. We had talked recently about the latest innovations Samsung screens are flexible foldable, folding, Samsung said that it was no longer a dream and came out of the development stage and will be available in phones and tablet computers in the first half of next year 2012.
Samsung gave us a glimpse of one of ways to use these screens through the following video:
What we see in the video is a Tablet PC is a full screen and uses the techniques actually enhanced Augmented Reality nicely. This video is a vision of ways to use these screens do not expect to see this technology soon, but as long as this technology is no longer the preserve of science fiction will become reality next year we will see how the companies will further employ in the phones and tablet computers running Android.
Virtual image of how to use the flexible screen Samsung phone
We will wait for next year to see how Samsung will use this screen, impressive in their phones and tablet Hawwasabha
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