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What is a Wii U?!

If you want to know what a Wii U is, what it does, what it is made out of... keep reading!

The Wii U will deliver crisp HD graphics that will allow some of Nintendo's greatest can shine brighter than ever before, characters such as Mario and Luigi in New Super Mario Bros U, one of the great titles available on launch day.

The real evolution of gaming comes from the Wii U's Game Pad. This new controller features not only standard controls, but also houses a 6.2 inch LCD touch screen that enables you to interact with your game and TV in new and exciting ways! Some great games are coming that will really show you just how handy a second screen can be!

Nintendo Wii U will be launching in the UK with the Premium Black Wii U Console. The Premium Black Wii U will have everything you need to get gaming in HD including Black 32GB Wii U, HDMI cable, Game Pad, Sensor Bar, all the necessary power cables - and a copy of Nintendo Land to get you going!

The Wii U - the next step in the evolution of gaming.

Nintendo WiiU BundlesNintendo Wii U Console

If you've got a Wii you'll be pleased to hear that the Wii U will support most of the Wii accessories, such as the Wii Remote, Nunchuks, Classic Controller and Wii Balance Board. As most accessories are compatible, most Wii Games will also work on the Wii U, meaning you'll still be able to play some of your favourite Wii games.

The Wii U is almost the same size as its predecessor, measuring in at approximately 1.8 inches high, 10.5 inches deep and 6.8 inches long. It's arguably the most space conscious home console so far, and with its sleek, compact design the Wii U won't look out of place.

Building on the Wii's online functionality, the Wii U comes with built in Wi-Fi so that you can access the internet and other online functions housed within the Wii U. There are also 4 USB ports, two in the front and two in the back, that support Wii LAN Adaptors. The Wii U will support SD Cards and external USB storage devices, too.

What's in the Box?

Here are the Wii U accessories to make your gaming more fun!

Scroll through this list to see some of the newly announced accessories for Wii U


The most exciting aspect of the Wii U is the new GAMEPad that houses a 6.2 inch touch screen. Nintendo has confirmed that the Wii U will be able to use two GAMEPads at the same time. For more info on the GAMEPad check out the GAMEPad page.

Wii U Pro Controller

Nintendo's screen less controller will be for those who want a more familiar feel to their gaming and with the positioning of the thumb sticks and buttons; we can tell this will be a comfortable pad for long stints on the Wii U.

Balance Board

Fitness fans will be pleased to hear that the Wii Balance Board is Wii U compatible, so fans of Wii Fit will be able to use their Balance Board on the recently announced Wii Fit U. As well as original Wii games that work on the Wii U.

The Wii Remote Plus can be used in a variety of Wii U game such as Just Dance 4 and New Super Mario Bros U! Use it like you have in your favourite Wii games to point, swipe, slash, jump, dance and steer in all new Wii U games.





Wii Remote Plus


Like the Wii Remote Plus, the Wii Nunchuk can be used to play a variety of compatible Wii U games. You can of course also use it to play your compatible Wii Games on the Wii U.

Secure Your Wii U

The Wii U builds on the success of the Nintendo Wii, the console that revolutionised the way we play games and with the Nintendo Wii U that revolution becomes an evolution thanks to the Nintendo Wii U's Game Pad, which allows you to user the 6 Inch Touchscreen to interact with new and exciting games in all-new ways.

Guarantee your Nintendo Wii U and games for launch and place your preorder now, we'll email you to confirm your place in the queue and send you the latest information about games and accessories as we get it.

Don't forget to order some of the great games that are launching alongside the Nintendo Wii U, such as New Super Mario Bros, Mass Effect 3 and ZombiU to name a few of the great titles that you'll be playing.

Nintendo announced during its big press event today that the Wii U’s launch date in Japan will be December 8, 2012. Nintendo also announced 2 of the first launch titles… New Super Mario Bros U and Nintendo Land. No other titles have been confirmed as of yet, but with any luck there will be at least a couple more titles from Nintendo, who is well known for strong first party support.
Here is a list of some of the Wii U specs & details which  Nintendo has revealed…
  • 2GB Memory (1GB for games, 1GB for system memory)
  • 25GB Discs (Wii U game discs will have 25GB capacity)
  • Wii Compatibility (All Wii accessories & games will be backwards compatible with the Wii U)
  • Mii Universe (Will allow for constant multiplayer experiences online)
  • Launch Games (New Super Mario Bros for ¥5,985 which is about 76 USD and Nintendo Land for ¥4,935 which is about $63 USD)
  • Pro Pad (The traditional console “Pro” controller will retail for ¥5040, which is about $64 USD)
  • Wii U Pad (Wii U’s controller will retail for ¥13440, which is about $172 USD)
  • Launch Bundles (There will be 2 launch bundles… “Basic Bundle” which will include the white Wii U, controller and a 8GB HDD. “Premium Bundle” which will include a black Wii U console, HDMI cable, power cradles for your Wii U pad, Nintendo Network Premium and a 32GB HDD)
  • Launch Price (The basic model is priced at ¥26250 which is about $337 USD. The premium model will be ¥31,500 which is about $405 USD.)
  • Nintendo Network (Wii U’s online service. There is also Nintendo Network Premium which will act as a sort of rewards program which will give you Nintendo points on every purchase to use towards future purchases)
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