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Sony Xperia J and a trip to Tokyo are the prizes in Sony's latest Facebook promo

People on the internet say that Japan is a pretty weird place. Have you ever wanted to go see for yourself? Well, the latest Facebook promo from Sony may make that happen and will put a brand new smartphone in your hands at the same time. The grand prize in the treasure hunt, which the company just announced on Facebook, is a Sony Xperia J and an exciting trip to Tokyo, with visits to Sony Showroom and the Disneyland Tokyo Theme Park included. 

These are the coins you are after
In order to participate, one must find out how many coins Sony has hidden on several of its web pages. Providing the right answer gives the participant a chance of winning the prize we mentioned above. May seem a bit tedious, but it didn't take us long to find the right answer, so do not hesitate to give it a shot. Just make sure you count the coins right as you won't get a second chance to answer.
Note that the competition runs through Friday, September 28, so in case you want to test your luck and observation skills, better not wait until the very last moment. Just follow the source link below and start looking for clues. Oh, and make sure you give those terms and conditions a look, just in case.

source: Sony (Facebook)

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