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Angry Birds Space announced for March 22nd release, NASA and National Geographic lending a hand

Angry Birds has spawned countless ports and two sorta-sequels, but Rovio has now announced what it's describing as its biggest launch since the original game. Angry Birds Space will be released on March 22nd, and the company has enlisted NASA and National Geographic as launch partners for the game (exactly what that entails is still unclear, though). As you can probably guess, the hook this time around will be some new physics to deal with, including zero gravity and a new "lightspeed destruction" feature, but details on the game itself otherwise remain a bit light, including any specific word on supported platforms. Rovio is apparently planning a big push at launch though, with a simultaneous rollout planned across "mobile gaming, animation, retail, and publishing." It's also promising to reveal more details ahead of that in early March.

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Game Description

The smash hit game Angry Birds Online is now here! The game has finally become flash! Play the latest craze now!

You are given a slingshot to fire your angry birds at pigs who are placed within different variations of structures (such as wood, ice and stone) which progressively get harder and retrieve the eggs that those pesky pigs stole!

As you advance through the game you'll be given the opportunity to use different birds that have different special abilities.

The blue bird will separate into 3 different birds once fired

The black bird explodes, and the white bird can drop explosive eggs!

Small pigs are relatively weak and can be taken out quite easily but there are also larger pigs and pigs that wear items such as helmets and crowns!

Each level has a pre-determined number type and order of birds at the start and if all pigs are taken out before all the birds have been used the next level is then unlocked and ready to be played!

We're also in the process of trying to get an Angry Birds Online Download sorted for you guys so that you can download and play your favourite game straight from your computer! is not Associated with "Rovio" the the brand "Angry Birds", Angry Birds is a Trademark of Rovio Mobile LTD.

Instructions :

Load up your ammo and fire those angry birds at their target. Use as few birds as possible and aim for maximum damage a keep up with the newest technologies and contemplate about how these will be used in the future. On this blog I'll share my thoughts about the future of technology, based on the high Tech Road Show Blog inventions of today.
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