Leaked Image of Sony’s Rumored Kumquat Smartphone Emerges

We had reported recently about a recent list of leaked product names from Sony’s XPERIA smartphone camp, and now we may have a clearer picture, literally, of what one of those devices may look like. The Sony Kumquat, which bears the product number ST25i, has been depicted in a new leaked image. The device bears a similar styling as the recently announced Sony XPERIA S smartphone, which debuted at CES 2012, with a lighted strip at the bottom housing the Android navigation keys.

The device is expected to be the lesser expensive model in Sony’s upcoming XPERIA lineup and will be a little brother to the XPERIA S and the AT&T-bound XPERIA Ion, which boasts 4G LTE connectivity.

The phone is expected to be announced in February at Mobile World Congress.

Via: Xperia Blog

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