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Samsung Explain Super AMOLED Technology!

Samsung stand at GSMA Barcelona 2008Image via WikipediaOne of the stars of last months Mobile World Congress was undoubtedly the Samsung Wave, the super slim touchscreen phone that looks destined to bring smartphones to the masses. And without doubt, the standout feature was of course the amazing Super AMOLED display which was hands down the best screen we’ve ever seen on a mobile phone. But just what is it that makes this new Super AMOLED technology so super? Well, Samsung are on hand to educate us, kindly releasing the following video explaining the virtues of Super AMOLED over traditional AMOLED and TFT displays.
Check it out for yourselves below and take our word for it that the Samsung Wave looks even better in the flesh. Samsung’s first SUPER AMOLED phone is set to launch in April which is only a matter of weeks away. Click here to register for updates and keep an eye on the blog for more information as soon as we get it.