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See how it looks on the ice cream sandwich Galxa S 2 with the interface TouchWiz 4.0

Samsung released a video about four minutes duration shows us a copy of Android 4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich to the Galaxy S II with the interface TouchWiz 4.0. As we used the Samsung faced in full, but not blue icons in the upper toolbar alerts, and some new features of Android 4.0 that's like displayed with the new tasks and new browser down, the interfaces are virtually identical to the device is currently a copy of gingerbread.
In fact, has made Google a great effort and re-designed Android fully in its last edition and we hope that you do not companies add their windows or to be additions simple to say the least but to be dispensed interfaces Ice Cream Sandwich beautiful and attractive fully it unless we wish. Watch the video and tell us, what do you think? Do you prefer TouchWiz 4.0 (or in the case of Sense HTC) interfaces or original?
Samsung announced yesterday that the year 2011 is the best year since it began the manufacture and sale of mobile phones, it said it had sold this year (until the end of last month) more than 300 million mobile and this is more of twenty million units sales for the year 2010. This figure does not include phones Android, but also Samsung phones running Bada own, but the recognition of Samsung itself, Android played a key role in the success of the company in the last two years and in particular each of the two Galaxy S and Galaxy S II, who have achieved tremendous success so that some users of non-insiders know (Galxa) and do not know Android and some believe they are one thing! The Samsung is not the only company beholden to Android, Vondroad had saved Motorola from the financial crisis was ridden by the issuance of your Droid and contributed to the proliferation of devices HTC dramatically and to make Sony change its strategy and abandon the production of regular telephones and specializes smartphone Android exclusively.
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