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ThinkGeek Drum Machine bangs out block-rockin' beats wherever you go (video)

Moving companies at the present time to integrate technology with clothing, there is a soft cotton clothing with integrated sensors to monitor and measure the wearer's heart rate and temperature, and other built-in music player "MP3" working Bluetooth. Here is a "ThinkGeek" American working in the retail trade over the Internet, put a T-shirt sends a non-traditional fun and pleasure in the hearts of young people and lovers of music and working in the fields in general. This shirt seems a machine percussion, allowing the wearer to hear music wherever he went, and specifically "drum music" and launched by the company name "Elctronic Drum Machine T-Shirt". Has been equipped Shirt seven platforms microelectromechanical composed of nine different sets of sounds of drums such as rock music "Rock drum", and disco music "Discotek" and the music DJ, or hip hop or pop "Scratchy" and jazz "Jazz" and other patterns drums electronic arranged regularly on the chest of the shirt, attached to this shirt loudspeaker is small in size it is installed in the belt, pants, and requires four batteries of the type "AA", and thus allows to control the music and the sound of each apostate by striking Shirt fingers. And the possibility of this shirt is washed and cleaned, but should first separate the electronic parts easily removable by the shirt before washing platforms such as batteries and drums. The price of this shirt about $ 30 U.S. which is currently available to the company's online store in different sizes.
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