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Logitech, the only company that's currently selling the Google TV, has cut the price of the device by more than half following disappointing sales.

Originally launched at $300 last October, now the "Revue" Google TV can be yours for just $99. This is not a response in preparation to launch a new Google TV, reports the FT, as all Revue boxes will be eligible for upgrades when a new version of the software is launched at the end of the summer. At this point, all existing customers will receive an upgrade.

Logitech has said the price cut is intended to boost product uptake, but the group admitted that in spite of a price cut to $250 back in May, demand failed to materialise. It now seems stronger measures are needed. The new price puts the Google TV at the same level as the Apple TV, which has fewer functions. The Google product gives you a wireless keyboard, allows web browsing and lets you stream content from computers located around the house.

The upgraded version of the Revue, due at the end of the summer, will be built on Android 3.1. It will offer a simplified user experience and access to the Android Market - two elements for which Google has received criticism.

UK consumers cannot yet buy the Google TV, but the progress of the technology is of interest as it affects how soon we can expect an international launch. The initial launch of the Apple TV many years ago proved the world was not yet ready for what was in essence a good idea, and from the first stumbles of the Google TV it could seem not much has changed.

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