Network, "Google Plus" attracted 10 million subscribers .. And some are still wondering about the nature of the site

نجح عملاق البحث على الانترنت «غوغل» في استقطاب عشرة ملايين مشترك لشبكته الاجتماعية الجديدة «غوغل بلس» التي انطلقت قبل اسبوعين، وفقا لما نقلته صحيفة «الدايلي تلغراف» عن احد الباحثين
ucceeded on the Internet search giant «Google» to attract ten million subscribers to the new social network «Google Plus», which was launched two weeks ago, according to the newspaper quoted «Daily Telegraph» for one of the researchers. This success comes after several failed attempts to launch social networking service in the past, but the first reaction for «Google» suggests that it will achieve much better results. And as the founder of, Paul Allen, the number of users «Google» about ten million, an increase of 350% in six days, based on his analysis of the data on the popularity of the family name (fame) for users of the Census Bureau in the United States. And dissemination of Alan result on the site «Google» says: Using a sample of 100 200 name famous, I can access to report accurately the proportion of the total population of the United States that participated in the «Google» and then use this number as well as the proportion of participants Americans and non-Americans to get to a final estimate to subscribers around the world. Did not announce «Google» until the moment for the official numbers of participants in its new service, with some unconfirmed evidence indicates that the demand was high, and already some users are the most popular followed by tens of thousands. Despite some criticism, but that the network of Google Social sought-Well, and the dissemination of deputy head of the network you Gondotra on yet in the «Google» comment that said: «receive the new network many of the criticisms, we listen to it and are working to find solutions. Stay tuned for more changes this week ». Although «Google» succeeded in attracting a large number of users in the first two weeks, but it remains far behind on the road to competition from other social networks, P «twitter» has more than 300 million users and announced «Facebook» last week that its users and Salo A to 750 million. Some wonder: What is the site of «Google Plus»? At first I think some of those who know the world of technology, technology and social networking sites «Google Plus» just a site similar to site «Facebook», but they discovered that he is not. I think some other site like it «twitter», but it is not the case although there are some similarities between them. A third group said it appeared to sites like blogs, but it is not the case although there are grounds to do so. So the question: Is it something different for each of the above? Short or is it something new? No one has the answer to that, even among those who use it among the guests, that he was still confined to the invitations yet. It is similar in general appearance «Facebook» In some characteristics similar to «twitter», and similar codes in other properties. So which is closer to the platform of the University of the social platforms, and can say that «a product of three-in-one», although he was still in the stage of birth and growth. In any case the product to be completed with the time it can be judged.
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