Find out about new specifications for "iPhone 6" and the battery life is the element of surprise!

The association hopes to "Apple" smart phone give the normal "iphone 6" higher farthest point battery took a gander at Bhattvha current "iphone 5 sustenance," according to the trade Chinese master on the webpage "Weibo" Weibo, which is the Chinese variation of the micro-blogging page "Twitter." 

iphone 5
iphone 5
Tune said Chang Shu, refering to sources supplied for "Apple," The model that will come screen measuring 4.7 inches from the phone "iphone 6" will outfit a battery with a farthest point of 2,100 mom/ h, and this limit addresses an addition of 45.8 percent appeared differently in relation to the phone "iphone 5 S." battery, which goes hand in hand with an utmost of 1,440 milliampere/ hour. 

The pictures were discharged a month back has showed that the phone "iphone 6" will outfit a battery with a breaking point of 1,810 mom/ hour, yet according to Tune, these smaller cutoff battery was for test purposes in the midst of the change stage to the last thing. 

Sung said that the last framework of the model 4.7 inches from the phone "iphone 6" typical to go with a battery greater than the past discharges appeared in, where the battery will give a cutoff of 2,100 mom/ hour. 

As far as possible is a champion among the most notable issues smartphones at present where the battery is lacking to work for very much a while, which is working with associations to upgrade each new manifestation of their things. 

This has since quite a while prior loathed the association "Samsung" which is the best rivals, "Apple" in their advancements from a nonappearance of farthest point batteries phones "iphone" and reason persevering to its customers, which is shown in the smart phone "Framework S 5" battery with an utmost of 2,800 mother/ hour. 

Furthermore remember the news that the association "Apple" plans to reveal a phone "iphone 6" in the ninth month of September/ September, where the association is obliged to hold a media event to do so. 

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Get a few answers concerning new determinations for "iphone 6" and the battery life is the segment of stun! 

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keep up with the newest technologies and contemplate about how these will be used in the future. On this blog I'll share my thoughts about the future of technology, based on the high Tech RoadShow inventions of today.

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