New Accessory Pegged for Wearable Galaxy Note 3 IFA Reveal

In addition to announcing the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at IFA 2013 on September 4th, Samsung will reportedly show off a wearable Galaxy Note 3 accessory — the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

We already know Samsung is planning a Samsung Mobile Unpacked Episode 2 event for September 4th, where it will take the wraps off of the Galaxy Note 3, which we expect will come with a larger display, tweaked design and Android 4.3 on board.

With a larger display, it makes sense for Samsung to also unveil a small wearable Galaxy Note 3 accessory that puts a small screen on your wrist.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy Watch could be a perfect pair this fall.

According to SamMobile the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is “confirmed” for the Unpacked Episode 2 announcement, where it will appear on stage with the Galaxy Note 3.

The Samsung Gear smartwatch may include a small flexible display that would allow the watch to use a decent size display without adding tons of bulk to a wrist. The Galaxy Gear smartwatch would likely use Bluetooth Low Power to connect to the Galaxy Note 3 and to other Android devices. Bluetooth LE is a standard feature in Android 4.3, and Samsung already supports it on some devices ahead of the Android 4.3 update.

With a constant connection the Galaxy Gear could easily put notifications from apps, texts and phone calls on your wrist, A Samsung patent shows a watch band that may include a microphone and speaker, which could deliver a Dick Tracy like wrist-phone feature. Hopefully users could also plug headphones in to listen to music and take calls on the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Patent filing shows a sketch that could be part of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

As smartphone sizes grow dramatically to 5-inches on the Galaxy S4 and approaching six inches on the Galaxy Note 3, a small wearable display is a perfect accessory. As part of the Galaxy line of devices, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch could be a perfect Galaxy Note 3 accessory.

The Galaxy Gear could bring notifications, maps and other information to your wrist without the need to pull a large smartphone out of a pocket or a purse.

After using a smart watch for a month or two in 2012, the appeal of a connected smartwatch was clear, but the implementation needed work. The video below shows 5 ways a smartwatch can change the way you use a smartphone.

This early smartwatch brought text messages, weather, news feeds, phone call notifications, a calendar and even a Starbucks app to pay for coffee to a user’s wrist. Nearly two years later we could be in for a more elegant design and enhanced usability.

There are only a few details about a Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, but it is likely that Samsung will position it as a perfect Galaxy Note 3 accessory, and a great accessory for any other smartphone.

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