Sony $149 Xperia SmartWatch2 for 2014 Use with Android Smartphones

0_Smartwatch_2_AngledSony has officially unveiled the Sony SmartWatch2, its next generation attempt at gaining traction in the wearable computing space.
Based on the details made public about the SmartWatch2 by Sony, which is scheduled to ship this September, the device seems to be an evolutionary update to the SmartWatch device that the company shipped last January.
With the SmartWatch2 Sony has opted to include a larger touchscreen than what shipped on the last model. Wearers will be able to get a better look at what’s being shown on the device with a 1.6” inch touchscreen with a resolution of 220 x 176 pixels.
As the company has moved to create devices that standout because of their sturdiness, Sony executives seem to have spared no product from the new standard. Just like the Xperia Z and the Xperia Z Ultra before it, the SmartWatch2 is water-resistant. Also like those devices, the SmartWatch2 will have a body that’s made of aluminum and includes a stainless steel wristband, though users will be able to switch out that wristband for different colors.
Sony seems to have gone a great distance to improve the user experience with the SmartWatch2 as well. The company says that this device will feature a user interface that’s similar to that of Android itself so that users will be able to quickly get acquainted with the device.In addition to having the “longest battery life of a smartwatch,” according to Sony it’ll also have a battery level indicator for quickly checking on how much power the device has left. That means more time for monitoring Twitter and Facebook messages and less time worrying about how long it’s going to be until your next charge.
The company has jettisoned the proprietary cable that was needed for the last SmartWatch to charge. Instead, this device will use the same micro USB cable that’s already used on smartphones, cameras and tablets.
Using the built-in NFC chip, users will be able to pair the device over Bluetooth without going through the hassle of entering randomly generated codes or complicated pairing instructions — as long as their Android device already has Bluetooth and a NFC chip. The SmartWatch 2 will need to be paired to an Android device to use most of its functionality, though it can go into a watch mode when not paired with a device.
Today’s announcement comes as Google and Apple are preparing to make moves into the wearable computing market with products like Google Glass and the rumored Apple iWatch. If Sony wants to be a leader in the segment it’ll need to make the most of its head start in the wearable computing space. Sony did not provide any guidance on pricing.The first time I walked through Sony’s massive CES booth I almost missed the Xperia Smartwatch. Shoved in between the new Xperia Ion smartphones this little gadget is a hidden gem. When I first played with it I fell a bit in love. But after spending more hands-on time with it I’m ready to declare it a typical Sony product: great idea, good build quality, and functionality that misses the mark by an inch.
bigger as well, measuring around 1.75 inches square
It’s still dependent on connection to an Android phone via Bluetooth for all of its functionality, and that’s where the missing the mark bit comes in. Unlike the MotoACTV or even the iPod nano, the Xperia Smartwatch has no memory of its own. It can’t play music by itself, it simply controls music streamed from your phone. Though it runs some flavor of Android, it’s little more than a dumb terminal.
The Xperia Smartwatch is the descendant of the Sony Ericsson LiveView, a proto-smartwatch that delivered information from an Android phone to a tiny display. This model is similar, though it offers a lot more functionality and information. It’s a bit 
The watchface doesn’t stay on, so each time you want to check the time you have to press the button on the side. That could get old quick.
The news isn’t all bad. I like that the Xperia can pull in information from over a dozen apps including email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, weather and more. Swiping between apps is smooth and there are some easy to remember gestures for switching between the list of apps widgets, and messages.
I particularly like that users can pre-program a standard SMS response to send to people who call or text so you don’t have to pull out your phone to respond. Users can also initiate calls from the Xperia.See what I mean about missing the mark by an inch? Sony often does this — deliver products that are 80% awesome and 20% blah.
The Xperia Smartwatch will cost $149 when it hits store shelves at the end of March.

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