HTC One Max Rumored to Challenge Galaxy Note 3

HTC One (Photo credit: John.Karakatsanis)
The HTC T6, a rumored phablet based on the HTC One, is thought to be arriving on shelves as the HTC One Max, a device that appears to be aimed squarely at the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
At the moment, HTC and Samsung are waging war against each other in the mobile sector with their HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 flagships that hit shelves just a short time ago. Later this year though, there appear to be several other battles planned, first with the HTC One Mini and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and after that, a fight between an HTC phablet and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

A larger HTC One Max could on tap for 2013.
A larger HTC One Max could on tap for 2013.Last year, HTC didn’t have an answer to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung’s current big-screened smartphone and one that should be replaced by a Galaxy Note 3 sometime in the months ahead. This time though, the company apparently won’t sit on the sidelines and will introduce a phablet of its own.
The device, which is codenamed HTC T6, leaked out extensively just a few short days ago and now, Alvin Kwock, who is a J.P. Morgan analyst based in Hong Kong, has chimed in with some information of his own.
According to Kwock, by way of Taiwan Times, the HTC T6 is actually called the HTC One Max. The name of course refers to the device’s bigger screen that is likely to pair with a design that resembles the current HTC One. He also claims something else interesting, that carriers are extremely interested in the device, another sign that it could seriously pose a threat to the Galaxy Note’s dominance in the large-screen smartphone sector.
The Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S4. Rumors point to a Galaxy Note 3 with a larger display and 1080P HD resolution.
The Galaxy Note 3 is rumored to be coming to replace the Galaxy Note 2.
Those carriers remain unclear but given that the HTC One saw a widespread launch in the U.S., and given the successes of the Galaxy Note series, we could see several U.S. carriers spring for a device like the HTC One Max.
Details remain unconfirmed but Kwock suggests that, like the previous leak, it’s running Android Key Lime Pie, sports a 5.9-inch display and has a 2.2GHz processor. The HTC One Max is also said to have a stylus of some kind but it’s no clear if it will have unique software like the Samsung Galaxy Note series of devices.
A release date for the HTC One Max is rumored for the second half of the year though nothing specific has emerged.

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