Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4?

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch in April, the interweb has been a flood with product comparisons between Samsung’s new flagship model and Apple’s fastest ever selling handset-the iPhone 5. Instead of just comparing the technical specs, dropping each device onto a concrete surface (we’ve also done that below in case you’re interested) and moaning about OS bugs – we here at TechBeat decided to throw the question back to you, our readers. So – which phone gets your vote?

We have of course included some uh-hem, non-biased facts and videos below for those of you that
haven’t already made up your minds…
  • Screen-Samsung 1080p resolution super amoled display. iPhone 5 has a 720p IPS display. So looks like Samsung wins that one on both size and quality.
  • Storage-Samsung 16GB plus microSD slot. iPhone 5 available upto 64GB without external memory options. Won’t impact the standard users but power users will prefer additional storage available on the S4.
  • CPU-Samsung wins on paper with double the RAM, but iOS’ legendarily smooth performance and better handling of third party apps system usage means the iPhone probably just edges this one in reality.
  • Apps-Apple has dominated this area since the smartphone was created. Samsung and Android are catching up-but a lot of the best apps are still available on iOS a long time before they come to Android.
  • Camera-both use a Sony sensor, but Samsung wins this with a higher megapixel range. Interestingly both lose out to Nokia, HTC and Sony’s flagship models which put more focus on improving low light and unstable image conditions.
  • Price-Samsung is the more affordable option, especially if you plan to add lots of music, videos and photos to your phone.
  • Coolness-Apple still makes the most desirable tech products in the world. Yes, Samsung is getting closer and their range of quality devices at home (TVs, fridges, laptops, etc.) means that connectivity options are very appealing. But they still don’t quite have Apple’s ability to make you want anything they produce (even if you probably don’t need it).
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