Tesla In For Service 2020? Receive a Tesla as a Loaner !!

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Is there anything worse than taking your vehicle in for service and receiving a crappy loaner car? Tesla Model S owners won’t have to worry! According to USA Today, Tesla is readying a fleet of 80 Model S loaner vehicles. CEO Elon Musk wants his customers to have top notch service. He plans on providing the Model S to owners who have their vehicles in for service and eventually wants to be able to provide the loaner to the customer at their home or business. This would prevent them from having to drive to the nearest service center for service.Tesla Model S

Musk would have liked to offer these vehicles sooner, but did not want to risk the negative press and customer dissatisfaction of pushing a customer vehicle back in the production queue for a service loaner. That is definitely understandable when there was a 2 year wait on the vehicle. Now that the wait is down to just a few months, Musk is starting to mix the loaner vehicles in with customer vehicles.

Production of the Model S has been going well. The company produced 260 more vehicles in the first quarter than the 4,750 it promised to shareholders. Musk has also informed shareholders that the company will show a first-quarter profit. Even though the company is facing several legal battles, it does not appear to be decreasing interest in Tesla. Musk has even gone on the recording stating that he wants to build a pickup truck in Texas.

Interestingly, Elon Musk does not attempt to claim any credit for this type of loaner service. He cites Lexus as being the company to innovate with high-end loaner vehicles and personalized pick-up service. Electric vehicles do not require the same amount of maintenance as a regular internal combustion engine equipped vehicle. This should lower the costs involved in providing the personalized pick-up loaner service.

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