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News girl in wedding veil reports earthquake from scene

A 6.6-magnitude earthquake struck a rural area of southwestern China Saturday, claiming at least 100 lives and injuring approximately 2,000. The earthquake also happened to interrupt the marriage ceremony of a Chinese journalist, who got right to work reporting from the scene — still donned in her wedding dress and veil.
The reporter has been identified by the South Morning China Post as Chen Ying, an anchorwoman at a local news network. The footage has since gone viral on Chinese social media service Weibo, where users are praising her "professional spirit," according to the Post.
Many of those affected by the earthquake, news networks and official government agencies have also turned to Weibo to share news and photographs of the event and its aftermath:

Saturday's earthquake has not been as deadly as a 2008 earthquake in a nearby region of China, which claimed nearly 70,000 lives, according to Reuters.
Image via STR/AFP/Getty Images
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